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What are the Complications One Can Face After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee acts as a joint between the thigh and leg and consists of two joints. It provides flexibility and extension therefore allowing slight internal as well as external rotation. So taking care of the health of knees becomes very important as our knees are vulnerable to various injuries as well as diseases like osteoarthritis. These diseases and injuries can restrict the movement and flexibility of the knees resulting in difficulty in movement and daily life activities. Hence knee replacement surgeries might be needed in case of severe knee pain or if a person experiences utter discomfort while walking or performing other day to day activities. You can find the best orthopaedic treatment hospital in jaipur which has been responsible for a number of successful joint replacement surgeries in India. However it is to be kept in mind that the surgery alone cannot prove to be helpful unless and until the patient cooperates with the doctor and follows all the instructions properly, failing which he might have to face certain complications. The surgical procedure is very complicated and any carelessness can lead to permanent damage. Hence it is advisable to consult the best orthopaedic surgeon to make sure that you are in safe hands.

In knee replacement surgery the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint are removed surgically to remove pain and discomfort. Knee replacement surgery can be of two types either total knee replacement surgery or partial knee replacement surgery. The best orthopaedic treatment hospital in jaipur recommends total knee replacement surgery when the knee joint is completely damaged which happens mostly due to osteoarthritis.

In knee replacement surgery the damaged joint is replaced by a metal or plastic component which is shaped suitably to allow the knee to move. After the surgery has been done and the damaged joint is replaced the patients often need to go for physical therapy to reduce stiffness in the joint so that they can resume their normal life.

The survey conducted by the orthopaedic treatment hospital in jaipur has revealed that almost eighty percent of the people in India are suffering from joint and bones related problems hence joint replacement surgery in india has become very popular.The cost of joint replacement surgery may vary depending upon the type of surgery opted.

Although knee replacement surgery is a very good option for those suffering from severe osteoarthritis however knee replacement surgeries can often result in complications post surgery. At times complications like formation of blood clots after surgery may arise which may be very risky for the patient and can even result in death of the person. Nerve and tissue damage during the surgery can worsen the situation as they can completely paralyze the person for life. Bone fracture, wound infections during recovery, excessive bleeding and dislocation are major reasons of concern. Also the procedure can be very painful and the patient may have to spend some time in the hospital followed by physiotherapies. The patients often need to take rest so that they can recover completely. Hence consultation with a specialist to know the pros and cons of the procedure is very important.

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