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Get Heart Surgery by Best Surgeons - Eternal Hospital

Heart is the most important organ in our body which should be functioning normally at each and every second. But there are several conditions which stop it from doing so. These conditions may be major and can easily be turn fatal. To make sure that you are getting the best treatment, you should consult a good doctor. In several cases, after the diagnosis has been done, you will be suggested surgery as the problem is complicated and cannot be solved with the help of other conservative methods. Some of the best cardiac surgeons in Jaipur will engage in full diagnosis and completely learn about the problem before opting for the required surgery.

Cardiac surgery is simple terms is the surgery of our heart and vessels. Cardiac surgeons are the specialists who perform these surgeries. The department of cardiac surgery usually comprises of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, intensivists, physicians, cardiac anaesthesiologists and intensive care experts. They all work together to find out the solution.

Cardiac surgery is done to treat various problems –

1. Ischemic Heart Diseases

2. Congenital Heart Diseases

3. Valvular Heart Diseases

4. Rheumatic Heart Disease

5. Heart Transplantation

Heart transplant surgery is a common surgery performed by a cardiac surgeon. A heart transplant is a procedure in which a diseased heart is replaced with a healthy one. It is a major form of surgery which is imparted when other conservative methods have failed. Before heart transplantation surgery is imparted to you, different evaluations will be done to see if you –

1. Have a heart condition that would benefit from transplantation.

2. Smoke and will be able to quit it.

3. Are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

In this procedure, incisions are made in your chest. Chest bones will be separated to remove the diseased heart and put the healthy heart in place of that. Major blood vessels will be attached to the donor heart to restore the blood flow. You will remain in hospital for a day or two.

Best heart doctors in India will be experienced enough to give you Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) or simply known as Heart Bypass. This type of surgery improves flow of blood to the heart and is done in the case of a coronary heart disease. In this disease, there is formation of a waxy substance called plaque inside the coronary artery due to increased cholesterol levels.  With time, this plaque can harden or break open to reduce the flow of oxygen rich blood to the heart. In some cases, a redo CABG is also required due to the formation of plaque again in the coronary artery.

Traditional cardiac surgery has long term benefits but there’s high morbidity during the postoperative period. Therefore, minimally invasive surgeries are also used in most cardiac operation. These types of surgeries are performed through small thoracotomy incisions either on the left or right chest. Both, midline sternotomy and the morbidity are avoided. There is less pain and risk of infection along with early recovery and improved quality of life.

Dr. Samin K Sharma is a renowned interventional cardiologists hailing from the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur with numerous gold medal to his credit. He is the most famous cardiologist in USA doing the highest number of complex coronary interventions each year with lowest mortality rates.

Eternal Hospital is one of the most sought after hospital providing state of the art comprehensive cardiac care to the patients. Here, full range of cardiac and vascular surgery service is provided to the patients with best in class treatments.

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