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Hip Replacement: What To Expect Post Surgery

Offered at all the leading Orthopaedic hospitals in Jaipur, hip replacement is a highly advanced surgical procedure that involves the replacement of a diseased or non-functional hip joint with a prosthetic component that structurally and functionally replicates the original joint. More than 70,000 hip replacement procedures are carried out in India every year which include both total hip replacement as well as partial hip replacement.

It is pertinent to note that the success rate of any surgery depends as much upon the post-surgical rehabilitation, as on the procedure itself and for this, the patient is required to make certain healthy lifestyle changes and follow certain guidelines. Although the surgery can help to relieve the symptoms and improve the quality of your life, there are certain things that are to be taken care of. Doctors from the best hospital in Jaipur make it a point to inform the patient about the whole procedure to make sure that there are mentally prepared for the post-surgical changes.

What happens after the surgery?

Right after the surgery, the patient is shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he /she is kept for 24 to 48 hours for keen observation and monitoring and once the doctors make sure that the patient is completely out of danger, he/she is taken to the general ward. The major focus is to deal with the post-operative pain, for which certain medication is given. Physical therapy is started within a day or two. You will be asked to stand up and take assisted steps with the help of a cane or walker. Patients who do well during physical therapy are likely to recover faster as this helps to alleviate the risks of any complications.

When can you go back home?

Patients undergoing Hip Replacement surgery in Jaipur are usually discharged within a week of their surgery, after evaluating their overall health and making sure that they are good to go. If the doctors felt that you are not fit to go home, you might be recommended to go to a rehabilitation facility first, where trained occupational and physical therapists are present to help and guide you. It is very important to note that the therapies are to be continued even after you are discharged as this helps to increase the life span of the new implants as well as increase the range of motion and flexibility.

As far as the medication is concerned, you will be prescribed the right dosage by the doctors which will be decreased gradually, depending upon your specific needs.

When can you return back to your normal lifestyle?

Undergoing a joint replacement does not mean that you will right away return back to your normal lifestyle after the surgery. The procedure is slow and gradual and it may take up to months to heal completely. You will be initially asked to refrain from rigorous exercises and indulge in mild activities. Once your physical therapy is complete you can start swimming, cycling and similar activities. Activities like jogging, football and basketball should, however, be avoided as these put an unnecessary strain on your knees.

How can hip replacement change your life?

Hip replacement surgery is recommended to patients whose joints have been damaged beyond repair owing to some underlying medical condition or injury sustained in an accident. Eternal Hospital doctors usually recommend the surgery as the last resort of treatment when all other options fail to give the desired results. Joint damage can lead to persistent pain and discomfort, thereby limiting your range of motion and decreasing flexibility. Hip replacement surgery gives a new life to your hip joints and helps to relieve most of the symptoms thereby facilitating pain-free movement. So if you have been recommended to undergo a hip replacement surgery, you should definitely consider the procedure.

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