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How to Manage a Healthy Kidney After Stone Removal

A kidney stone is a hard stone like mass that forms in your kidney from crystals in the urine. In most of the people the natural chemical found in the urine, keeps the stones from forming and causing issues. There are different types of kidney stones, the most common type is the calcium stone followed by uric acid stone. It is necessary to follow a diet and avoid certain kinds of food in order to prevent kidney stones. Kidney stones can make a comeback even after the surgery sometimes and it very painful to pass naturally. Thankfully this can be avoided by following a prescribed diet. These diet changes and treatments differ from person to person, based on the type of stone specially to prevent them from coming back.

 1 in every 10 people suffer from kidney stones at least once over the course of their lifetime. The right kind of medical treatment is very important when it comes to your kidneys so carefully choosing only the best kidney hospital in India is very important. The healthcare professionals will tell you the diet changes according to your treatment plan and the type of stone you have.

Talking about some of the best kidney hospitals, one can expect to find nephrologist doctors. With state of the art hospital buildings and doctors who are diligently trained in dealing with patients who suffer from various kinds of chronic and acute kidney diseases, you will get the best treatments from the best nephrologist doctors in Jaipur.

Even though the lifestyle and diet changes differ from person to person, there are some general recommendations that one can follow irrespective of the type of stone.

1.       Drinking plenty of fluids– Drinking at least 2-3 quarts of fluids a day is very important. This includes any type of fluids, which has shown to have a beneficial effect like water, lemonade, and coconut water. This will help in producing less concentrated urine and ensure a good volume of urine.

2.  Limit foods which contain oxalate content– nuts, wheat bran, tea, chocolate, spinach, and berries must be reduced or completely eliminated from the diet. Food that are rich in oxalate can lead to the formation of yet another stone. This includes alcohol, soda and coffee also.

3.    Avoid extra calcium supplements– Extra calcium supplements should be prescribed by the doctor after taking in account of your medical history, only then it is safe to consume.

4.   Dietary calcium– Eating at least three servings of dairy per day with meals will reduce the risk of forming a calcium stone.

5.   Protein levels should be checked Too high level of protein could cause the kidney to produce more calcium and that may cause more stones to get formed in the kidney.

6.     Salt intake High salt intake should be avoided at all costs. High sodium in the body increases the calcium in the urine which is a factor in development of stones. If you follow a low salt diet, you can control your blood pressure as well.

7. Vitamin C intake– High doses of vitamin C supplements should be avoided. One can consult the best doctor in Jaipur about what kinds of supplements are safe to take after the stone removal surgery.

8.  Junk food– should be avoided at all costs for the best results. Only healthy diet food should be consumed.

9.  Stale food– Keep away from stale and old food. Eating freshly made home cooked food is the best option.

10.  Medicines- Taking medicines for prescribed amount of time should be taken without missing a dose. This will help you recover faster and reduce the risk of getting kidney stones again.

The recovery time after a kidney stone surgery is relatively faster and it can be made easier if you change your lifestyle and follow a proper diet. 

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