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How To Manage Alzheimer’s Disease

 Alzheimer's disease mostly occurs in the age group of 65 or above. It is a disease that degenerates the brain cells and progressively dies. When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the symptoms may be like the decline in thinking pattern, social skills as well as behaviour, which may make a person incapable of taking any decisions. A thorough diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is performed based on certain tests your doctor recommends to evaluate the memory and cognitive skills.

Doctors engaged in Neurosurgery Treatment in India generally ask for the two most essential test i.e., the Laboratory and imaging tests, as these can easily help the doctor in drawing concrete conclusions regarding the disease that’s causing dementia.


For a time being, following two types of drugs can help with memory losses and other cognitive changes that are observed:

•   Cholinesterase inhibitors: These drugs effect by augmenting the growth of cell-to-cell communication. It functions by restoring a chemical messenger that was earlier below the specified levels in the brain. However, the results may be not drastic but some amount of improvement will be observed. It also claims to have a significant impact on neuropsychiatric symptoms like depression or maniac. A few commonly prescribed drugs under cholinesterase inhibitors include-  donepezil, galantamine, and rivastigmine. Moreover, as many medicines have side effects, similarly these drugs also have certain side effects like- nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite and sleep disorders.


•  Another commonly prescribes the drug is Memantine (Namenda):This drug affects the brain cell communication network by slowing down the progression of symptoms that are found in mild to extreme Alzheimer's disease patients. Sometimes, a doctor gives this dose along with a cholinesterase inhibitor. Though, it has rare side effects including dizziness and confusion.

When profound behaviour changes are noticed, anti-depressants may be prescribed to control the behaviour changes that occurred due to Alzheimer's disease.


Well, we all know a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease needs extensive care therefore; doctors of Neurology hospitals in Jaipur always suggest creating a safe and friendly environment for them. The one who is suffering from Alzheimer's, their life can be made easier by adapting lifestyles according to them; it may include establishing few routine habits and not always focusing on memory-demanding tasks.


One of the best hospital in Jaipur has listed the following measures that can be adopted in day to day life, to make one’s life better who is the victims of Alzheimer:

•   Ensure that keys, wallets, mobile phones, and other valuable items are kept in the same place at home, so they don't become lost.

•  Medications should be kept safely: A caretaker should make sure that dosages are given as prescribed. A proper track record or checklist should be made.

•   Finances should be arranged in such a way that automatically takes care of payments or deposits.

•  It is important to install location trackers in the mobiles of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s so that caretakers or any family member can track it easily. Moreover, important numbers should be saved first

•  Ensure that regular appointments are on the same day at the same time as much as possible.

•  Incorporate the usage of a calendar or whiteboard in the home to track daily activities. Construct a habit of marking the completed items as done.

•   Make sure your home isn’t cluttered with excess furniture.

•   Put sturdy handrails on stairways and in bathrooms to avoid any mishaps.

•   Ensure that shoes and slippers are comfortable and provide good traction.

•  Try reducing the number of mirrors in the home as a person with Alzheimer's may find images in mirrors as perplexing or even frightening.

•   A key thing is to ensure that the person with Alzheimer's carries certain identification when he/she is out of the home.

• For memory purposes, try keeping family photographs and other meaningful objects around the house.


In addition to it, one of the best doctors in Jaipur a always recommends the family members of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s to take them for social interactions and activities as they can play a vital role in restoring the lost skills and abilities. A happy life can improve a person’s well-being in such situations. Hence, activities, like making them listen to music or reading them a book or engaging in a certain hobby, can improve their overall health. A tranquil home environment can make certain improvements in the person going through Alzheimer’s. 

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