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IVF: Debunking Some Common Myths

In a conservative country like India, where talking about reproductive health is something that happens very rarely, people refrain from discussing such problems owing to their hesitation and shyness. Due to the lack of dialogue in the society, various myths and misconceptions have taken birth which hasbuilt a negative perception among people about various life-improving treatments.

In this blog, we will be discussing IVF and its various myths prevailing in society. The objective behind raising this topic is to provide information about the same sothat you are not misled by the myths infuture.

Well defining IVF, it stands for invitro fertilization which is an assisted reproductive method that aims at helping couples who face infertility. Its treatment involves a combination of medicines and surgical procedures that help the sperm to fertilize an egg and implantthis fertilized egg in the uterus of the female partner.

Infertility treatment in Jaipur has become much more convenient both for the doctors and the infertile couples due to the advancement of technology and the use of the latest approaches. This has reduced the risks and complications thus, allowing utmost safety.

Myths vs Facts:

Myth 1: IVF is not effective in obese people

Truth: It is a fact that obesity causes difficulty in conceiving naturally or through IVF. But stating that IVF doesn’t work for obese people is completely wrong. According to the best doctors, BMI, obesity has no effect on the fertilization process.

Myth 2: IVF babies are different from normal babies

Truth:Now, this is completely a myth and holds no truth. The babies that are conceived through IVF process are completely the same and normal as babies conceived naturally. The only difference between the two is the way they are conceived. In fact, IVF babies are just as healthy as other babies. Eternal Hospital is one of the top IVF treatment hospitals in Jaipur which provides a team of expert doctors who uses the latest technologies and equipment aiming at your convenience, care and cure.

Myth 3: IVF works on women of all ages

Truth:IVF is a scientific procedure aimed at treating infertility but people consider it as a magical procedure that will work in any circumstances. However, the reality is different, IVF has a considerably lower success rate which is up to 50% in women over the age of 45 implying that patients may have to try the cycle again and again. However, if women depend on donor eggs from younger women, the success rates go up.

Myth 4: IVF raises cancer risk

Truth:It is often considered true that IVF treatment augments the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer in women. The logic stated behind the same is that the women are injected with extra hormones.It is completely a myth and according to various studies, IVF in no way has any risk factors contributing to cancer and the risk for infection is 'minimal'.

The doctors of best hospitals in Rajasthan often advise to properly get examined before opting for the IVF procedure as there are several other factors which are needed to be kept in mind while making the decision. At the same time, a couple should research well about the procedure sothat they can be mentally prepared for the same.

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