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What is the Need of Blood Storage Banks

Blood is considered as a vital tissue of the body that delivers required substances like nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It carries away carbon dioxide and other waste products from the same cells. It contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. It is essential to our life and cannot be substituted with any other body part. Neither it can be made artificially nor manufactured. When our body is not producing blood or we have lost a large amount of blood, then there is use of blood transfusion. This is where best blood storage centres in India come into play.

A blood bank is a place where blood is gathered from the donors and stored for transfusion purpose. Once it is collected, there is typing and separation into components and storage. It is separated into multiple components and each one of them is generally transfused to a different individual with different needs.  It is received by accident victims, patients undergoing surgery and getting treatments for leukemia, cancer or other diseases. Millions of unit of blood is donated and transfused every year in India.

Top blood banks in Jaipur separate each unit of blood into several components. Red blood cells are either stored under refrigeration for a maximum of 42 days or they are frozen up to 10 years. Platelets on the other hands are important in the control of bleeding and are stored at room temperature for a maximum of five days. If they are frozen, then they can be used up to one year.

Banks store blood mainly for the purpose of transfusion. A transfusion is a life saving procedure in which blood from a donor is used which is provided through a narrow tube placed within a vein in the arm. It is a safe procedure and the likelihood of getting infected with the donated blood is very low. One of the safest methods of transfusion is receiving your own blood but it is not for everyone and for elective surgery only.

All the blood that is donated is tested for safety. A blood bank makes it readily available without any delay. They screen each donation to find out the type of the blood like A,B, O etc. In some transfusion cases, white blood cells are removed. It happens rarely and is for people who are allergic to white blood cells in donated blood.

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