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MIPH stands for minimally invasive procedure for haemorrhoids. Also referred to as stapler hemorrhoidectomy, the procedure is involved to treat patients suffering from piles. It is a painful condition, marked by the development of haemorrhoids in the anal canal. Haemorrhage is broadly classified into two types - internal haemorrhoids which develop on the inner side of the anal canal and external haemorrhoids that develop on the outer side of the anal canal. 

MIPH stapler surgery is recommended to patients with grade 3 haemorrhoids or grade 4 haemorrhoids that do not pose any serious complications. 
It may be indicated in the following cases:

  • Large internal haemorrhoids
  • Internal haemorrhoids that are not responding well to treatment
  • External haemorrhoids with chronic symptoms
  • If other treatment options like band ligation have not worked for the patient


  • The procedure is found under the influence of general or local anaesthesia, which is given along with sedatives to help you relax throughout the procedure.
  • A surgical camera is inserted via the anus fir detailed examination
  • The hemorrhoidal tissue will be carefully cut with the help of a laser or scalpel
  • Once all the haemorrhoids are removed, the wound is closed. This is known as closed hemorrhoidectomy. 
  • In case the infected area is vast, the incision may not be closed. This is known as open hemorrhoidectomy. 

Various benefits of MIPH stapler surgery for piles are as under:

  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal pain
  • No cuts or incisions 
  • Shorter hospital stay

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