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EHCC is the first hospital in the Rajasthan to successfully implant world’s smallest pacemaker Micra AV

Our team of Cardiology has performed 10000th angioplasty since the inception of the division in the hospital.

Maintained the record of achieving ZERO surgical site infection rate for joint replacement and sports injury surgeries for four years in a row

Cryoablation for disturbed heart rhythm – 1st and only hospital to have this therapy in Rajasthan

MeRes100™ - World’s first 100-micron Bio resolvable stent used in Eternal Hospital

Clinical Care and Monitoring: Eternal Hospital till date has treated over 1700 COVID patients, having a mortality rate at 0.82 compared to the world’s death rate of around two to three percent and India’s death of around one per cent.

Significant Clinical Developments in Nephrology - Cytokine Adsorption through CRRT for Covid-19 patient to washout IL6 & other cytokines from blood.

Significant Clinical Developments in Neuro intervention - Dural AV fistula causing behavioral problem treated by Onyx embolization.

Significant Clinical Developments in Neuro Intervention - Acute Rupture of Dissecting Aneurysm of Vertebral Artery treated with Flow Diverter.

Significant Clinical Developments in Obs/Gynae& Gastro Surgery - Joint treatment of PIH induced IUD with spontaneous Liver Rupture with Hypovolemic Shock.

Significant Developments in Critical Care/ Internal Medicine - Saved 6 months pregnant lady with severe ARDS & Septic shock, using Prone ventilation.

Pioneer in the field of Cochlear Implantation.

Pioneer in the field of Renal Transplant.

Center of excellence for ECMO. (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)

Significant Clinical Developments In Cardiology Structural Heart Disease: Trans catheter double valve First in Rajasthan

Structural Heart Disease: Left atrial appendage closure with AMULET: new treatment for Stroke prevention, first case in North India.

Structural Heart Disease: First case in country TMVR in MAC (Mitral valve replacement in MITRAL Annular calcification)

Shockwave Angioplasty for calcified blockage in coronaries and left main: most cases in Rajasthan

Electrophysiology: Lead Extraction Program 1st in state (Mechanical)

Electrophysiology: Bluetooth enable pacemaker & Heart failure Devices 1st in State

Credit of Rajasthan's First-ever LBB-CRT-D (Left Bundle Branch - Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy) goes to Eternal Hospital

Significant Clinical Developments in Cardiology - Electrophysiology: Lead Extraction Program 1st in state (Mechanical)

Eternal Hospital is the only center in Rajasthan to use Impella – Smallest Heart Pump Implantation for patients with very poor heart function.

The credit of being First Leadless Pacemaker implantation is with Eternal Hospital.


First in India : Mitra Clip procedures post DGCA approval

With the highest number successful TAVI/TAVR cases in India

First navigation guided balloon sinuplasty in India.

Among the Pioneers in India: Bentall with E-vita prosthesis

South Asia’s First Double Valve Replacement achievement is in name of Eternal Hospital.

Eternal Hospital is the first hospital in the world for First MyValTranscatheter Aortic Valve Replacement /Implantation

Pioneer in the field of Heart Transplant – Highest number of successful cases