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The course of treatment and the efficacy of the treatment highly depends upon the accuracy of the diagnosis.  Joint Commission International accreditation of hospitals has certified Eternal Hospital as one of the best path labs for providing timely reports with absolute precision. Dr. Surender Singh and his team of 26 technicians and a team of 4 special collection professionals have worked hard to maintain the international standards, which makes our path lab one of the best in Rajasthan.

The path lab of Eternal hospital is well equipped with all the latest diagnostic machines with advanced technology that provides all kinds of clinical tests related to hematology, clinical biochemistry, coagulation, molecular pathology, microbiology, clinical pathology, cytology, etc, that helps in the speedy recovery of the patient. 

Our lab is equipped with highly advanced diagnostic machinery including two fully automatic biochemistry and immuno analyzer machines that can simultaneously perform more than 100 investigations. Along with it, the lab has a fully automatic machine by sismax for hematology to obtain highly precise reports for CBC and other blood tests. Eternal hospital also houses an automatic analyzer machine that provides precise and timely reports for any form of blood disorder. And clinical pathology has a fully automated urine analyzer. Similarly, the hospital also consists of fully automated machinery for microbiology and molecular pathology.

The hospital and the team at the path lab are entirely committed in serving the patients and in providing the patients with the reports without any delay, therefore the team works in 3 shifts throughout the day and night. To provide our patients with the most authentic reports, we have associated ourselves with the most elite experts who have been trained under ISO 15189-2012. The microbiology in charge Dr. Swati Sharma and Pathology in charge Dr. Aashish Sharma always make it a priority to provide the patient with the most authentic and quality report as early as possible.

Our path lab follows a norm of conducting frequent Internal Quality Control (QC) in order to provide our patients with the most authentic and precise report. And to live up to the everyday developing and advancing techniques, our path lab operates Internal Quality Control Programme (IQCP) where we have participation from the most elite and reputed medical institutions of India and Abroad including AIIMS Delhi, CMC Vellore, and Bioraid or redox from the United Kingdom. 

Our path labs have an in-house team of Biomedical Engineers, who help us in maintaining the highly advanced medical machinery. A regular audit of the functioning of the machine is done for smooth functioning of the machines every day throughout the year. All the medical machinery is linked to the Laboratory Information System, therefore the patient is always provided with system generated reports which thereby lowers the chances of human error.

The Path Lab at Eternal Hospital is affiliated with institutions like NABL, NABH, and JCI. We at the Eternal hospital are always at the service of our patients and we are dedicated to provide them with the best quality medical facilities. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ashish Sharma

Consultant & Incharge

Dr. Surendra Singh

Director & HOD - Laboratory Science