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The blood bank at Eternal Hospital is committed to providing high-quality services by assuring an apt supply of safe and quality blood and its products to our patients. We have a state of the art blood storage unit that adopts the most modern technology and equipment to help preserve blood that may be required during surgical procedures and apheresis procedures. The Department offers round-the-clock services in collecting and processing blood for immuno-haematological testing, blood compatibility and diagnosis for a hassle-free experience.

What is a Blood Bank?
The blood bank is a specialized facility for transfusion medicine that collects blood components from screened blood donors and stores them for multiple purposes. It encompasses all aspects of blood transfusion and blood components related to hemovigilance, either whole blood or separate components such as plasma or platelets. These blood components go through rigorous processing that includes fractionation, testing and redistribution. The testing encompasses determining blood type and testing for infectious diseases. While whole blood is fractionated into red blood cells, platelets and plasma, plasma gets refined into separate components such as albumin, concentrates and immunoglobulin.

The facility has separate sections where laboratory scientists store and distribute blood components supervised by a specialist in transfusion medicine. Earlier, it served only as a branch of clinical Pathology, but now it includes both laboratory and clinical aspects of transfusion. It works in conjunction with patients, treating specialists and other medical staff to manage situations that require massive transfusions or transfusion reactions.

Why Eternal Hospital?
Blood is vital in managing different medical conditions ranging from simple anaemia to leukaemia. It’s also a crucial component in saving a patient's life who has sustained trauma or undergoing surgery. Hence, our blood bank has an exceptional track record in ensuring that the correct blood type and component reaches our patients on time. We also follow strict quality control measures and conduct all the necessary tests before issuing blood to the patients. 

Our system is in compliance with all existing statutory prerequisites of the Drugs and cosmetic act 1940 and amendments. We follow all directives from the Drug Controller General of India, National Blood Policy, NACO guidelines on HIV screening and NABH guidelines with diligence. We ensure that each sample of blood goes through mandatory screening for transfusion-transmitted infections, such as HBsAg, HCV, HIV I&II by CMIA technology along with RPR and malarial antigen testing. Our rigorous quality control practices also include testing each product for suitable parameters to maintain the highest standards.

Area of specialization:

  • PRBC
  • FFP
  • Random plasma concentrate
  • Blood tests for diagnosis
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Blood Donation

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