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A compassionate, amiable and courageous entrepreneur with an outstanding demonstration of humble sense is how Ms. Manju Sharma appears in today's competitive world. Giving up her job when she was at the helm of the career for her family, she foresaw the dream to build the global model in Healthcare at her native city, Jaipur for the well-being of community. With dedicated supervision, hard work and motivation she carried the entire responsibility of articulating, designing and implementing their reverie.

Ms .Manju Sharma brought up and educated in the city of Jaipur and married Dr.Samin K Sharma in the year 1982 and went to US. She worked there for 10 yrs and later she made the conscious decision to put her career on hiatus. She dedicated herself in bringing up her children and supporting her husband.

Manju Sharma, the Woman of Substance took this challenge to build a healthcare setup in Rajasthan Jaipur which began on 2009 and she cited the project Eternal Hospital.

The dream is now a reality and healthcare boon for the community, Eternal Heart Care Centre and Research Institute (an affiliate of Mount Sinai Hospital New York, USA) near Jawahar Circle Jaipur. She brought up the state's newest addition of tertiary care centre which brings together the state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, cutting edge technology and a highly integrated and comprehensive information system along with the quest for exploring and developing newer therapies in the field of healthcare.

She share her principles imbibed by her mother, "always reinvent yourself and stay relevant". For this she gave four mantras -Courage, Confidence, Commitment and Consistence.

Her journey continues in a bid to reach more people, to touch-and save-more lives. Her goal is to make Eternal Hospital rise to eminence from excellence in the field of healthcare.

Eternal Hospital has a knowledge sharing arrangement with Mount Sinai Hospital New York USA, which has been internationally recognized for its top-performing physicians and revolutionary research centres.


A centre of excellence in area of medicine with highest international standard at affordable cost for the community around the globe.


To redefine healthcare by improving outcomes and experience of patients through cutting edge research and personalized clinical care including innovative, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services.

Core Values

Integrity: We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty, transparency & sincerity. Patient Centric: Caring for the individual patient and...