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Revision joint replacement is required when there is an issue in the previous joint replacement surgery. In most cases, it is used to replace worn-out joints which is a complicated surgical procedure when compared to the usual joint replacement. A revision joint replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty which is done in cases where the first surgery is unsuccessful and causes pain to the person.

Need of a Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • Infection previous joint - Infections are one of the prime reasons for having revision joint replacement. It is required in many cases such as when the body rejects the implant. In such cases, replacement of the joint becomes necessary. Also, sometimes the area where the implant is placed gets infected so, in order to treat the infection revision, joint replacement becomes absolutely necessary as any delay might cause permanent damage to the joint.
  • Worn-out implants - Wear and tear implants and tissues surrounding it are another reason due to which revision joint replacement becomes necessary. Over time the implants used in the joint replacement get worn out due to excessive use of the joint so, in that case, replacement is the only option in order to give relief to the patient.  Further, this kind of division joint replacement becomes very important mostly in cases of sportsmen with joint replacement as the chances of their injury and worn out are greater than usual.  
  • Painful joint replacement - When there is continuous pain in the joint even after the replacement surgery which is performed earlier then in those cases in order to give relief to the patient secondary joint replacement becomes necessary. While performing the revision joint replacement, the surgeon makes sure to identify the reason for the previous pain. Firstly, the surgeons rectify the previous problem, and then after the treatment, they perform the revision joint replacement.
  • Malpositioning of the implants - When the implant is not properly placed in the joint then it causes pain to the patient and difficulty in mobility. The joints become stressed and cause wear and tear of the muscles and tissues in those cases it is necessary to position the implant correctly which requires joint replacement surgery to improve the proper functioning of the joint.

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