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Breast surgeries are performed to change the shape of the breasts by adding or removing the breast tissue to achieve firmer, perkier breasts. The primary reason to undergo breast surgery is to restore the contour of breasts as women get older. Other reasons include:

  • Pregnancy- During pregnancy, as breasts get fuller and heavier, the ligaments supporting the breasts stretch. It leads to sagging of the breasts and droopiness of the nipples.
  • Fluctuations in weight- Due to sudden weight changes, the breasts can lose their elasticity and cause the breast skin to stretch. Therefore, it can lead to drooping of the breasts.

Breast surgeries are a type of cosmetic surgery performed only for aesthetic purposes. These procedures are also known as mastopexy and the main objective of the surgical procedure is to boost the self-image and self-confidence of the person undergoing the procedure. There benefits include:

  • Removes excess skin around breasts
  • Tightens the surrounding tissues
  • Provides youthful contour
  • No major side effects

Due to ageing, significant weight loss or pregnancy, women's breasts can lose their volume. In such cases, placing the breast implant along with a breast lift can restore the fullness and original contour. Breast enlargement surgery is also recommended for women who want symmetrical proportions after pregnancy or weight loss.

Our doctor will examine the breast tissues to determine the patient's preference for size and implant type. First, the surgeon will separate breast tissues from muscle tissues and place the implant between them. When the implant is in place, the surgeon will close the incisions, either with dissolvable sutures or bandages. 

Some women also opt for breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of large breasts and relieve several issues such as chronic back pain, nerve pain and skin irritations. Our doctor will examine the breast tissues to determine the amount of skin that has to be removed. 

Based on the examination and the patient’s personal goals, the surgeon will perform various incision techniques. However, all of these procedures are less intensive, ensuring lesser cutting and bleeding with a faster recovery. Few of the common procedures are:

  • Breast Augmentation: Enlarge and contour breasts with surgical implants; for inherently small-breasted women, women desiring larger breasts, and after pregnancy or nursing.
  • Breast Lift / Mastopexy: Remove excess skin and raise the nipple for perkier, fuller breasts; to counteract gravity, loss of elasticity, and sagging.
  • Breast Reduction: Remove excess skin, breast, and fatty tissue for smaller, shapely breasts, and to reduce back and neck strain.
  • Nipple and/or Areola Reduction: Remove excess skin and tissue of the nipple and/or areola to provide a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Nipple Inversion Repair: Flat or inverted nipples can be surgically corrected through a small incision around the areola.
  • Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia): Male breast tissue can be removed surgically by cutting, or with liposuction.

At EHCC, we have a highly qualified and dedicated team of urologists who are always committed to providing the latest and most advanced medical care to all our patients. Being a trusted name in healthcare, we act compassionately while ensuring confidentiality to those who need it. We have set high standards in patient-centric premium care along with outstanding patient safety and exceptional maintenance in a timely manner. We adhere to the use of up to the minute innovations to offer state-of-the-art treatments to our patients with unparalleled results.

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