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Ultrasound is an imaging procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside of the body. Its non dependency on radiations makes its special. An ultrasound is capable to show images in motion. Its medical advancement helps the doctor to monitor the growth of the fetus during pregnancy. Further, advanced ultrasound can even show the blood flow through blood vessels.

Ultrasound can be used for multiple purposes, depending upon the type of ultra sound and the part of body it is used on. An ultrasound can be used for the following:

  • Confirm pregnancy
  • Monitor development of the fetus
  • Check birth defects of the fetus
  • Diagnose reason of abdominal pain
  • Diagnose heart related problems
  • Study blood flow through blood vessels
  • Check to see breast lumps
  • Check for abnormalities in kidney or gallbladder

Categories of ultrasound
Ultrasound can be classified into various forms depending upon its requirement.

  • Pregnancy ultrasound: It is used to check pregnancy, growth and development of the fetus, birth defects of the fetus etc
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: It is a non invasive imaging technique to visualize the image of internal organs. The three dimensional image of the ultrasound helps the doctor to diagnose and interpret problems in heart, abdominal organs, blood vessels, breast, skin, muscles, thyroid, etc
  • Functional ultrasound: The application of functional ultrasound includes advance techniques that help visualize even the minute details by visualizing blood flow in vessels. It also helps to study pattern of blood flow, speed and direction of blood flow as well. This category include Doppler ultrasound, elastography etc 
  • Therapeutic ultrasound: It targets specific muscles and tissues. Its high intensity beams of sound are specific and work on the targeted area only. High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) works on modifying and treating abnormalities inside the body without operating it. 

The ultrasound technician will apply a special lubricating gel to the skin as it prevents friction while using the transducer. The transducer sends high frequency sound waves the body. As the waves strikes an object it is reflected back to the computer forming a picture. This picture is then visualized and interpreted by the doctor.

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At Eternal Hospital, we have a highly qualified and dedicated team of experts who are always committed to providing the latest and most advanced medical care to all our patients. Being a trusted name in healthcare, we act compassionately while ensuring confidentiality to those who need it. We have set high standards in patient-centric premium care along with outstanding patient safety and exceptional maintenance in a timely manner. We adhere to the use of up to the minute innovations to offer state-of-the-art treatments to our patients with unparalleled results.

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