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Ryles tube, also known as the nasogastric tube, is a narrow tube that is introduced inside the stomach via the nose. The main purpose of this tube is to offer nutritional support to the patients, which may be short term or medium-term. It may also be recommended for the expiration of the contents present in the stomach. The tube can be used for as long as 6 weeks. 

If your doctor feels that there is a need for drainage, a white tube will be used, however, if there is no such need, we can use a final tube with a gauge of less than 9.

Endoscopic-assisted Ryles tube placement offered at Eternal Hospital allows the insertion of the tube via endoscopic guidance. A suture is attached to the tip of the tube and introduced transnasally. In some cases, the tube may also be introduced orally. 


  • Ryles tube placement offers a safe approach for feeding the patient
  • The tube can be easily removed when it is not in use
  • Tube placement does not involve the use of anaesthetics
  • The procedure is safe for children as well

Meet Our Team

Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma

Associate Director - Gastroenterology