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Polyp removal or polypectomy is a surgical procedure that aims at extracting polyps present inside the colon. These are tiny lumps that develop as a result of the abnormal accumulation of tissues. Small polyps do not usually trigger any major symptoms, however, large events may be associated with rectal bleed, abdominal discomfort and irregularities in bowel movement


  • The surgical procedure is the same to that of colonoscopy and is performed under the influence of anaesthesia
  • The doctors would use a long flexible tube fitted with a camera on one of its ends for detailed imaging guidance
  • Small polyps are removed with the help of biopsy forceps, whereas, larger ones are to be removed with the help of a snare. 
  • Snare polypectomy uses and thin wire that is tied around the polyp, which is then extracted using heat. If any small portion is left behind it can be cauterized. 
  • Removing smaller polyps can be comparatively challenging and involves the use of specialised techniques like endoscopic mucosal resection or endoscopic submucosal dissection.

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