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A computerized tread mill test is a type of stress test in which the ECG of a patient is taken while he/she is exercising on a treadmill. The test helps to assess the circulation of blood in the heart when it is at rest and under the influence of optimum physical pressure and offers a comparison between the two. 

Computerized tread mill test may be performed for any of the following reasons:

  • To detect a congenital heart defect
  • To assess the normal working of a heart post heart attack
  • To diagnose repressed heart problems like shallow breathing, chest discomfort and dizziness
  • To assess the efficacy of medication or treatment given for the management of problems like angina and ischemia
  • To detect any abnormality in heartbeat under exertion

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Dr. Jitendra Singh Makkar

Chairman & HOD - Cardiology

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Chairman Interventional Cardiology

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Director -Interventional Cardiology

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Associate Director-TAVI, TAVR & Structural Heart Disease Program–Cardiology Director-Mitral & Tricuspid Valve Therapy. Senior Consultant-Interventional Cardiology

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Director & Incharge – TAVR and Structural Heart Disease Program – Cardiology

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Director Electrophysiology and Heart Failure- Cardiology, Consultant- Interventional Cardiology

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