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Device closure, as the name suggests, is a surgical intervention that aims at repairing defects or abnormal openings in the muscular wall separating the left and right chambers of the heart. 
The human heart has four chambers. The top two chambers are known as atria and the bottom chambers are known as ventricles. All the four Chambers are separated from each other by a wall. However, in some people, there might be a hole or opening in this wall, which allows the free flow of blood to the other side. Device closure aims at closing such openings using metallic devices, so as to regulate the normal functioning of the heart. 

ASD - It stands for atrial septal device closure. The procedure is performed to treat atrial septal defect, which is marked by an opening between the left atrium and the right atrium. This allows the oxygenated blood to leak into the right side, living to the reversed flow of blood. As a result, there is tremendous pressure on the right atrium to pump enough blood to the lungs. 

VSD - It stands for ventricular septal device closure. The procedure is performed to treat the ventricular septal defect. The problem is usually congenital and mark by an opening in the ventricular septum that separates the lower chambers of the heart

PDA - It stands for patent ductus arteriosus. It is marked by an opening or hole in the blood vessels. The problem is also congenital and marked by an opening connection between the aorta and the pulmonary artery.

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