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Why and How Many Times Can I Donate Blood

Blood donation is one of the most nobel and kind acts that you can do to save someone's life. It is the voluntary practice of allowing blood to be drawn from your body and which can be later used to treat the patients in need. There are various blood storage centres in India that conduct blood donation camps to encourage more and more volunteers to donate blood. The people are educated about blood donation and how it can help to save a patient's life. The top blood banks in Jaipur have various authorized centres where the blood is drawn out very carefully. The safety of the donor is given utmost priority.

Before the donation, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patients body to determine the blood group and confirm that the person is healthy and eligible to donate blood. The donor needs to fill a form prior to the donation. The donor Is then made to comfortably lay down on a bed and the blood is drawn out. There is no other substitute for blood and it cannot be manufactured artificially. Hence the only way to help a person in need of blood transfusion is the blood coming from a healthy donor.

The leading blood storage centres in India, collect blood from different people and store them at a very low temperature. There are eight different blood types and these may vary from person to person. These are O positive, O negative, A negative, A positive, B negative, B positive, AB negative and AB positive. When a person is in  need of blood transfusion, it is important that the blood group of the donor and the patient matches. The blood can be easily donated by a close family member or relative. However there are cases when the blood is not available and the patient's life is at stake, in such cases, blood banks prove to be a boon.

You can find all types of blood groups in the blood bank, available 24/7. The top blood banks in Jaipur conduct blood camps at various centers that have been authorised and even reach out to far flung areas to make it easier for the people to donate blood.

The donated blood can be used to treat cancer patients, accident victims and patients suffering from dengue and other problems. It can also be used to help poor and needy patients. Every year millions of lives are saved due to blood donation. The donor might feel a bit lightheaded for a brief period of time after the donation and needs to take good care of himself. Consumption of fresh fruits and fruit juices is advisable. There is no harmful effect on the health of the donor and new blood cells are generated within no time. A healthy person can donate blood every 3 months.

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