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Bariatric Surgery is basically a Gastric Surgical procedure that is used to restrict food intake and decrease the absorption of food in the stomach and intestine. This is done in order to help individuals to lose weight more efficiently in a shorter time span. Bariatric surgery is usually suggested by bariatric surgeons in cases where the condition of the patient is worse and life threatening. And in order to understand the need of bariatric surgery we should first understand the digestion process. As we all know the digestion process starts in our mouth when the food is mixed with saliva. The salivary amylase present in our mouth helps in digestion of carbohydrate; after that the food is chewed into smaller fragments that reach the stomach for digestion. Here, the food is mixed with digestive juices that help in breaking down the food so that nutrients, calories, vitamins etc can be absorbed. Further, when the food reaches the first part of the small intestine called duodenum it gets mixed with bile and pancreatic juices that helps send digestion of fats and almost all the absorption of nutrients takes place here. Bariatric surgery is designed to alter and restrict this process of digestion so that the digestion absorption of the food can be reduced. There are several types of bariatric surgery that help in restricting the absorption of food in different ways. The type of bariatric surgery usually depends upon the condition and requirement of the patient, based upon which the doctor chooses the correct and most effective type of surgery that can help the patient. Also not everyone is a candidate for bariatric surgery there are a lot of health related conditions that may not allow a person to go for bariatric surgery. There are a lot of criteria in order to have a bariatric surgery, body mass index or BMI is one of them. Individuals who are unable to lose weight despite restricting diet and exercise and have a BMI above 35 may require Bariatric Surgery.

Who may require Bariatric Surgery?

Other than Obesity there are several conditions for which one may require bariatric surgery. There are certain health conditions that can be fatal to an individual and just by losing weight one can improve their condition and decrease the risk of developing any life threatening condition. These conditions may include:

Hypertension or high blood pressure causes abnormal blood flow. In such cases the heart has to work harder in order to maintain a proper blood flow that usually causes wear and tear of the blood vessels and puts a person at risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. Usually, deposition of plaque or fat deposit in the arteries is one of the prime reasons for having a heart attack or a stroke therefore bariatric surgery can also help in such conditions.

High blood cholesterol level is one of the primary reasons for having heart attacks as mentioned earlier. This also causes accumulation of fat and blockages in the blood vessels.

Heart disease is usually caused due to obesity according to several researchers. As accumulation of fat deposits result in heart failure, Heart Attack, buildup of plaque, blockages, stroke etc. Also individuals who already have heart disease or heart problems cannot exercise and therefore are unable to lose weight in such conditions bariatric surgery helps those individuals to lose a considerable amount of weight without exercising.

Other conditions such as Kidney Disease, metabolic syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, Osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, cancer, Osteoarthritis non alcoholic fatty liver disease are some of the conditions for which one may require bariatric surgery.

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