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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that affects almost 7 per cent of the adult female population. Marked by severe hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation and development of tiny cysts in either one or both of the ovaries, PCOS affects 1 out of 5 women in India and 1 out of 10 women globally. The insulin resistance and inflammation triggered by the problem can make it very difficult to lose weight. Though PCOS is a lifelong condition, the best gynaecologists in Jaipur suggest that it can be effectively managed by resorting to healthy lifestyle changes and keeping your weight under check. Studies have shown that losing as little as 5 per cent of your weight can improve your symptoms significantly.

Some women might plan to go for a weight loss surgery, but this is not an option for everyone, as there are certain eligibility criteria that are to be fulfilled for weight loss surgery in India or any other place. For women who do not qualify the eligibility criteria, here are a few tips that might make your journey easier.

  • Cut down on your carb intake – Lowering your carb intake can not only help you to lose weight, but also keep your insulin resistance under control. You will be surprised to know that nearly 70 per cent of the females suffering from PCOS are insulin resistant. You must be aware of the importance of insulin in our body. For those who are not, insulin plays a vital role in blood sugar management and energy production. However excess amounts of insulin have been linked with increased weight gain.
  • Take more fibres – Experts from the best hospital in Jaipur highly recommend for reducing insulin resistance. Taking diets loaded with fibre can help you stay full for a comparatively longer period of time. It is also known to improve digestion and aid in weight loss.
  • Increase your protein intake – Eating diets rich in proteins can help to keep your blood sugar levels under control. It also boosts metabolism, which aids in weight loss. High protein intake is known to stabilize your hunger hormones, which naturally helps to keep your cravings under check. A study has shown that women resorting to high protein intake can lose up to 4.4 kg in 6 months, which is comparatively higher than women who don’t
  • Replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones – Whether you believe it or not, not all fats are bad for you. In fact, there are some fats that can aid in your weight loss. Well, that’s what a ketogenic diet is all about. Surprisingly, higher fat diets can not only aid in weight loss but also help to bring down lean body mass. Some common sources of healthy fats include butter, nuts, dark chocolate, olive oil and avocado.
  • Try fermented foods – Women with PCOS have been found to have comparatively fewer healthy gut bacteria. These are very important as they play a major role in boosting our metabolism. These can be easily derived from foods rich in probiotics. These include yoghurt, kefir and other fermented food items. You may also try probiotic supplements that are readily available in the market.
  • Avoid processed food and sugar – While eating healthy foods can help you to lose weight, cutting down on the consumption of unhealthy one’s too helps to aid the process. If you plan to step into this healthy journey, you need to leave all the unhealthy practices behind. This may call for a little sacrifice as you might not be able to savour your favourite sweets and junk food.

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