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Almost all of us have experienced pain in our legs or feet at some point in our lives. And we might think it's because of those pairs of ill-fitted shoes or due to any kind of injury to your feet. However, this can be something else. The pain in your foot can often be provoked by your spine or back issues as well. As per our best doctors in Jaipur, there is a link between your back and your feet. The painful symptoms in your lower back region may travel all the way down to your legs and might make your movements difficult. In this blog, we’ve discussed some commonly asked queries related to the same.

How are your feet linked to your back?

To make you understand this fact, our experts have discussed the feet-spine link in a very simple way.

We have three shock absorbers in our bodies; our feet, knees, and spine. The shock of running, jumping, and walking is absorbed first through your feet, then the impact passes through your knees. If your knees are ill-equipped, the impact finally passes on to your lower back or lumbar spine. This happens, especially if you have a misalignment in your lower pelvis.

Eventually, you might end up having pain in the lower back region.

How can you determine that the pain in your feet is caused by the underlying back problem?

There are numerous reasons that may cause pain or numbness in your feet. However, if you’re feeling a similar set of symptoms in your leg too, then the pain is likely coming from the lower back (lumbar spine) region.

The following are the telltale symptoms that include:

Foot Drop: If there is difficulty in lifting your front portion of the foot, causing it to drag while walking, your foot pain is likely caused by back issues. The sign may be temporary or permanent. This may also happen due to compression of the nerve in your lower back that produces pain in your calf muscles and ends in the big toe.

Heel walk: When you can’t bring the foot upward while walking and may also feel numbness in the leg and the foot.

Difficulty walking on tiptoes: If you’re having pain at the bottom of your feet, it may be affecting your calf muscles as well. This can make your daily activities a challenge.

How can you prevent such a kind of pain?

As per our spine replacement surgeon in Jaipur, you can always take a few steps back and analyze the cause of the pain with the help of your doctor.

The following are ways through which you can get relief from such kinds of pain.

1. Find the right shoes: Physical therapists say tottering on high heels puts women at risk for heel and lower back problems. If you wear these heels over an extended period of time, this will cause fatigue and cramps in your calf muscles.

Even after that, if you need to wear high heels, do keep in mind:

  • Not to wear them for a longer period of time.
  • Stretch the muscles in the back of your legs before and after putting them on.
  • Change into low heels whenever you can.
  • Set the height limit of your heel at two inches.
  • Don’t go for the pointed toe. Use this as the rule of thumb i.e., higher the heel, wider the toe box.
  • Try to wear a wider variety of shoes like sneakers, flip-flops, and sandals; vary your footwear day-to-day.

2. Visit your doctor: A trip to your doctor at the right time can work wonders. First, they will examine the joints in your feet and ankles to ensure they are functioning properly. Your doctor will examine you, which may include examining your feet, analyzing your gait and posture, ordering an x-ray, and inspecting your shoes for improper wear.

3. Orthotic arch supports can do wonders: Your chiropractor may advise you to wear orthotic arch support if your feet are causing your back pain.

When should you seek medical help?

If your foot is swollen, hurting for a few days, or you are experiencing tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation, you should see a doctor. Before going to the doctor, avoid doing anything that could aggravate the pain further.

If you suspect that the source of your pain is in your lower back, you should see a doctor who specializes in reducing pain and assisting patients in leading fulfilling lives while managing their conditions.

You can schedule an early appointment with our best orthopedic surgeons in Jaipur to get an accurate diagnosis of the various causes of your leg and foot pain, which can differ widely.

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