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Hematuria is a condition in which a person observes blood in their urine which is alarming and a sign of an underlying disease that could be life-threatening as well. Blood in the urine can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Hematuria can be classified as gross hematuria which is the condition in which a person can see blood in his or her urine while microscopic hematuria is a condition in which the person is unable to see blood from their naked eyes but it can be diagnosed in a urine test. And in both cases, it is necessary to get a thorough health checkup so that the doctor can diagnose the exact reason behind the condition.

What causes Hematuria? 
There can be a variety of reasons that cause blood in urine, some of them can be serious while others might just be due to infection or due to kidney stones. Some of the causes might include:

  • Enlarged prostate is a condition in which the prostate becomes larger and leads to a condition where blood passes through urine.
  • In conditions such as mensuration one might see blood in the urine as well.
  • Urinary tract infection is one of the common reasons that cause of blood in urine due to severe infection. 
  • Cystitis is a condition that causes inflammation in the bladder that could be infectious or non-infectious but shows symptoms such as blood in the urine.
  • Blood in the urine is also observed in cases where a person has a kidney stone, bladder stone, or ureteral stones.
  • Kidney Disease or renal disease is a condition that damages kidneys and nephrons severely and results in blood in the urine. 
  • Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder that affects the red blood cells. 
  • Any kind of injury or damage in the urinary tract also results in blood in the urine
  • Prostate cancer is also one of the common diseases in which blood in urine is a common symptom. 

Diagnosis of Hematuria? 
The best nephrologist doctor in Jaipur usually asks for the medical history and performs a physical examination after which he recommends a few tests based on his observations and the condition of the patient; some of these tests might include:

  • Urine culture which is done in order to check if there is any infection.
  • Cystoscopy is a test that uses a cystoscope that is placed inside the urinary bladder in order to see signs of any infection or damage. 
  • Urinalysis is a simple urine test
  • Ultrasound is done in order to examine the kidney or bladder to see the exact problem or condition of the kidney.
  • Computer tomography uses an X-Ray in order to create a three-dimensional image to see the exact problem in the Kidney or urinary system.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI  uses radio waves to see images of the organs and structures so that the best doctor in Jaipur is able to diagnose the condition of the patient properly. 

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