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When your body don’t pump enough blood to meet the demands of the body, then congestive heart failure occurs. Our heart has the main function of circulating blood all throughout our body. If something occurs that reduces our hearts ability to pump and circulate the blood, congestive heart failure symptoms occur.

The heart strength to squeeze reduces causing each heartbeat to pump less blood. If the "ejection fraction" of the heart is measured, then it will normally come to be greater than 55%. This whole episode is called as "systolic congestive heart failure". Also, in some cases, the heart is able to squeeze strong but is simply not able to relax to fill the heart with blood. This also causes the heart to reduce blood circulation and the occurrence of the symptoms of congestive heart failure, which is termed as "diastolic congestive heart failure".

As the heart ability to pump blood decreases, it results in heart failure because the mounting pressure inside the chambers of the heart. The high pressures results in filling lungs with water and thus building up in the body. If you are experiencing, shortness of breath and swelling in the legs, it could be a sign of congestive heart failure, visit a doctor for Tavi heart valve replacement in Jaipur.

What are the causes of Congestive Heart Failure?
You can have congestive heart failure due to the following reasons:

Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attack
The most common source of congestive heart failure is an "ischemic cardiomyopathy". The blood supply to the heart muscle is cut off when the coronary artery gets fully blocked by cholesterol/calcium plaque or a blood clot. This results in weakening of the heart muscle and can cause congestive heart failure.

Heart Valve Disorders
The function of the heart valve is to allow blood to flow forward by opening up with each heartbeat and closing to stop blood from leaking backwards. If the heart valve is not functioning properly, then it reduces the ability of the heart to pump blood forward and congestive heart failure may occur.

Common cold, the flu and the mono could cause a "viral cardiomyopathy". In these diseases, the virus attacks the heart muscle cells directly resulting in weakening of the heart muscle. Some people who have the diseases may not have any damage to their heart but susceptible people could have damage.

The heart muscle cells can be damaged and weakened due to heavy alcohol consumption.

Congestive heart failure could also occur due to genetic mutations that will result in the heart being weak. If you are young and healthy, and your family members exhibit signs of heart failure, then a genetic heart failure may be present.

Your heart will not be able to pump blood effectively, if the heart is beating too fast or too slow and it will cause congestive heart failure. For cardiac surgery in Jaipur, you should visit the best heart hospital.

Stress on the heart
Your heart can give up if it had to consistently beat really hard and really fast. A rare disorder called "stress induced cardiomyopathy", where a sudden stress to an individual may cause severe emotional upset, resulting in temporary weakening of the heart.

An "idiopathic cardiomyopathy” occurs when there is an unknown cause to the congestive heart failure.

Diastolic Heart Failure
Congestive heart failure happens when the heart strength remains strong but your heart fails to relax, which cause the overall output of the heart to decrease. Long-standing high blood pressure or aging of the heart are the main causes of this rare disorders which are called "restrictive cardiomyopathies".

If your congestive heart failure sometimes gets worse, even if you are taking medicines, then you should consult Dr. Samin K Sharma, the best cardiologist to know the cause and for immediate treatment.

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