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Acute kidney failure generally occurs when the kidney is unable to filter waste products from the body. Kidneys occur in pairs and have a shape similar to beans; the best quality of a kidney is that even if one kidney fails to perform a person can survive on a single kidney. The kidney is required to perform various essential tasks in the body without which a person cannot survive. If a kidney loses its filtering ability then a dangerous level of waste may accumulate and one’s blood chemical makeup may get out of balance which might lead to life-threatening conditions. In such conditions where both the kidney fails to perform then dialysis or kidney transplant may be required.

Acute kidney failure also known as Acute Renal Failure or acute kidney injury develops pretty quickly in the body, usually, it might take less than a few days for the condition to get worse. Renal disease or kidney failure is most common in people who are already in the hospital and getting treated for some other critical disease and are in need of intensive care. Acute kidney or renal failure requires intensive treatment and care so that the body does not stop functioning. If you are in good health, a patient may recover sooner rather than later but people with damaged kidneys often result in severe health-related issues.  

Symptoms of Acute Kidney Failure

Generally, the symptoms vary from person to person and their condition. Still one can identify the problem if they are aware of the warning  signs and symptoms of acute renal failure  that are listed as:

However, there are some cases where acute kidney failure causes no signs and symptoms and it can only be detected through lab tests only. 

Causes for Acute Kidney Failure

Acute Kidney or Acute Renal Failure can occur due to a variety of reasons some of which might include:

  • If a patient has a condition that slows blood flow to your kidneys
  • If a patient experiences direct damage to your kidneys
  • If a patient’s urine drainage tubes become blocked and wastes can’t leave your body through urine

Complication involved with acute kidney failure

There are some  potential complications that might occur in case of acute kidney failure that may include:

  • Fluid buildup Acute kidney failure can lead to a buildup of fluid in a patient’s lungs, which can lead to shortness of breath.
  • Chest Pain – If the lining that covers your pericardium becomes inflamed, a patient may experience chest pain
  • Muscle weakness – When your body’s blood chemistry gets out of balance, it may weaken your muscle
  • Permanent kidney damage – In some cases, acute kidney failure can cause permanent loss of kidney function or even end-stage renal disease. And patients with the end stage of the renal disease require either permanent dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive.
  • Death – Acute kidney or renal failure can lead to loss of kidney function and ultimately death.

When to consult a Doctor

You can see your doctor immediately or seek emergency help if you show any signs and symptoms of acute kidney failure.
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