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Kids and toddlers communicate in many ways. Every kid is different, and thus, some may talk a mile a minute, others are a little more reserved. Some will have more vocabulary than other children of their age. Therefore, it is difficult to tell when your child would need speech therapists. The other most challenging aspect is that most parents have apprehensions regarding speech therapists. Going to a Top Speech Therapists in Jaipur isn’t wrong or stigma for your child, rather if you want your child to develop more effectively and grow into a fine human being, you should visit one.

The best pediatric doctor in Jaipur will certainly be able to help your child communicate and to express themselves. Don’t be frightened of the term speech therapy; rather, speech therapists develop all aspects of communication, including non-verbal communication.

Find out if you need a Top Speech Therapists in Jaipur for your child

0 – 3 Months

Sign: Child does not take notice of others and do not smile

Usually, babies at this age eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. But when they are in the first three months, they start recognising people. They smile at other people and also show a reaction when spoken to.

4 – 7 Months

Sign: Child doesn’t produce “baby noises.”

When the child is between four and seven months old, they begin to experiment with their vocal cords, making the “goo-goos” and “ga gas” voices that we’ve come to know as adorable baby babble. If your child hasn’t shown any development at this stage, visit the ENT Specialists in Jaipur.

7 – 12 Months

Sign: Child is mostly quiet

Children at this age are usually chatterbox. They regularly make noise throughout the day. Observe if your child is noticeably quieter than their peers.

7 – 24 Months

Sign: Child do not understand the words being spoken to them

Children at this age begin to understand what we say to them. They will even respond to the question and recognise the signs that you are making. If your child, fail to acknowledge or give you any response, consult the Best Pediatric doctor in Jaipur

12 – 18 Months

Sign: Child says few or no words

At this age, the child will speak their first words. A child may benefit from a Top Speech Therapists in Jaipur if your child hasn’t spoken any first word yet.

18 – 24 Months

Sign: Child isn’t capable of stringing words together into phrases

This is another significant communication milestone: the ability to put words together. Though your child will not speak full sentences, they will begin forming phrases such as “up now” or “more milk.”

24 – 36 Months

Sign: Child has difficulty pronouncing some sounds, communicating with other children or is difficult to understand

If you find that your child is mispronouncing some words such as d, f, g, r, this shows that you should consult an ENT Specialists in Jaipur. Some children are labelled as ‘shy’, where the real reason may be that they are finding it hard to make others understand them with words. Visit the best hospital in Jaipur, if your child lack in some developmental stage of communication. Observe if your child has missed any communication milestone. A speech therapist will surely be beneficial for your child.

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