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Our lifestyle choices have a major impact on our overall health, and when we speak of lifestyle, it includes our diet too. The food we eat can affect our body either in a positive or a negative way and it is due to this very reason that you have to be very careful about what is being served on your plates. You cannot simply hog on everything without knowing how it is going to affect your body, especially if you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, such as kidney disease. People generally talk about foods that are going to benefit them, however, in this blog, we have done the complete opposite. Here we have listed some common food items that you need to strike off from your list if you have kidney disease, with the help of the expert from the best kidney dialysis hospital in Jaipur.

  • Avocados - These are one of the best-known sources of good fats and are generally considered to be a healthy addition to the diet, however, we cannot simply ignore the fact that avocados are high in potassium. You will be surprised to know that an average-sized avocado can load your body with around 690 mg of potassium this is something that you definitely don't want if you have a Kidney disease. If you still wish to include avocados in your diet, you have to be very careful about the portion.
  • Canned Food Items - Canned foods might have made our lives a bit easier but these are preserved using high amounts of sodium, which is extremely bad for your kidneys. You can always go for a low-sodium option or choose one with no added salt. It is also advisable to thoroughly rinse such foods before you prepare a meal using them.
  • Soda - Soda, especially the dark-coloured one, is always bad for you, irrespective of whether you have kidney disease or not, as it contains additive phosphorus. If you have kidney disease, it is going to be very difficult for your Kidneys to remove this phosphorus and the same will build up in your blood, putting you at a high risk of developing serious complications like heart disease, joint problems and even death.
  • Brown Rice - Doctors all over the world recommend brown rice over white rice due to its health benefits, however, if you have kidney disease, you don't need this substitute. A cup of brown rice contains 149 mg of phosphorus in 95 mg of potassium, whereas, the same amount of white rice contains only 69 mg of phosphorus and 54 mg of potassium, which is significantly low. Whether you eat brown rice or white rice, you should focus on limiting the portion and if possible, choose healthy alternatives like buckwheat and pearled barley.
  • Bananas - Just like avocados, bananas are loaded with potassium too and should be avoided if one has been diagnosed with kidney disease. If you have otherwise healthy kidneys, eating bananas might even benefit you, however, if your kidneys are not functioning well, it will be difficult for them to remove the potassium from your blood and it can result in hyperkalemia.
  • Oranges - Oranges are widely known for their vitamin C content which is extremely beneficial for our health, however, experts from the best nephrology surgery hospital in Jaipur, recommend their patients refrain from adding it to their diet. Wondering why? Well, it’s because oranges are loaded with potassium. You not only need to avoid the fruit but its juice as well.

If you wish to know more about kidney disease and foods that can make it worse, consult the best nephrologist in Jaipur.

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