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The heart is the most important organ in our body as it helps in the transportation of blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to the entire body. Any malfunction in any part of the heart can lead to life-threatening conditions. The heart consists of arteries, veins,  valves, heart muscles, etc and any malfunction in any of these obstructs the function of the heart that could lead to various heart diseases, heart failure, stroke, etc. Heart valve disease is a condition that involves the malfunction of the valves. There are four valves present in the human heart each of which is responsible for unidirectional blood flow into the four heart chambers and any injury, blockage, narrowing,  deformity, hole, or damage in any of these valves can lead to severe life-threatening conditions. In order to treat the faulty valve, heart valve surgery is required which is basically a procedure that treats heart valve diseases.

In this procedure, the heart doctor in Jaipur tries to repair or replace the damaged or diseased heart valve in order to resume the normal functioning of the heart. Usually, in order to surgically repair the valves, the doctor uses either open heart surgery or minimally invasive surgery which depends upon different factors such as health, age, the severity of the heart disease, condition of the patient, and the type of heart disease.
Why do you require Heart Valve Surgery?
An individual who suffers from a heart valve condition or congenital heart valve defect and has a valve problem such as leakage, stiffness, or a hole in the valve may require heart valve surgery. Further, the condition in which the heart valve gets narrowed, stiff, blocked, or suffers from inflammation also requires heart valve surgery. Other conditions that require the treatment for heart valve disease are if a person suffers from chest pain,  difficulty in breathing, heart palpitations, edema(swelling of ankles, feet, and abdomen), rapid weight gain due to fluid retention, fatigue, fainting, etc.
What are the types of Heart Valve Surgery?
Heart valve surgery can be broadly classified into valve repair surgery or valve replacement surgery.
Valve repair surgery is the most common surgical procedure which is required to fix the damaged or faulting valve, and helps in preserving the person's original valve. This procedure helps in regaining the normal functioning of the heart valve without many complications. Further, modern-day minimally invasive techniques have made surgical procedures more precise, accurate, and risk-free.

Valve replacement surgery is required in severe cases where the damage of the injury is more and beyond repair. In such cases, the cardiac surgeon tries to remove the faulty valve and replaces it with a biological or mechanical valve. The biological and mechanical valve is tested for compatibility so that there are no chances of rejection of the new valve.

Before selecting the type of surgery the doctor usually goes through a series of tests in order to determine the best suitable surgical procedure that is required for the patient. Also, the cardiac surgeon usually considers various factors such as the structure of the heart,  age of the patient, medical condition, chronic disease, etc before going through the surgical procedure.
What are the risk factors in case of Heart Valve Surgery?
Every surgical procedure has some other risk factors associated with it similarly heart valve surgery also comes with a few risk factors some of which might include:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Valve dysfunction
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Heart attack

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