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Osteoarthritis is daunting and challenging for those individuals who are severely affected by arthritis. One potential treatment option is the joint replacement surgery in Jaipur that can replace your damaged joint with a new and artificial knee. This will help you in not only eliminating or reducing your pain associated with arthritis but can also restore various functions to the joints. Some of the common surgeries recommended when dealing with arthritis are hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacements.

How does Arthritis Impact the joints?
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that impacts the damages the surfaces of the joint where they make contact with each other. In the shoulder, you can find the joints in the head of the humerus (the upper arm bone) and a portion of the scapula (the shoulder blade). Whereas, in the knee, you can find joints in ends of the femur and tibia (the thigh bone and shin bone, respectively) and the patella (the knee cap). In the hip, you can find joints in the head of the femur and the socket in the pelvic bones in which it rests (the acetabulum).

What happens in a joint replacement for Arthritis?
In straightforward terms, a total joint replacement for arthritis involves restoring the damaged joint surfaces with artificial segments. For hip and shoulder replacements, these consist of a ball with a stem as well as a socket. For knee replacements, the artificial factors are specific-shaped metal plates which reinstate the degraded cartilage capping the ends of the bone, along with a pharmaceutical-grade plastic disc that supplants the thick pad of cartilage cushioning the joint. In some incidents, the patella may likewise be relined with artificial segments.

Who are the Candidates for Joint Replacement for Arthritis?
If your Arthritis is advanced, but you are otherwise in perfect health, joint replacement may give you a benefit. However, you should regularly consult with a qualified orthopaedic specialist from the best anaesthesiology hospital in Jaipur who can provide you with moderate treatment preferences and other minimally invasive procedures to try before resorting to surgery.

The best candidates for an arthritic joint replacement procedure are the patients who:

  • Have arthritis that is serious and severe
  • Are experiencing a significant impact on their life regular activities due to their symptoms
  • Have found conservative therapies such as anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy to be ineffective
  • Are prepared to enthusiastically engage in a rehabilitation program following surgery
  • However, some health issues, consisting of joint-related issues, may require a joint replacement for arthritis less suitable for you.

In general, you may not be an appropriate candidate if:

  • You have severe diabetes
  • You are an active smoker
  • You are morbidly obese
  • You have experienced infections in the affected area of an arthritic joint in the past

The success of a joint replacement surgery depends on the condition of the rest of the joint. If the joint has encountered several infections, or if it had undergone several surgeries, it may not be normal enough to weather a joint replacement. In addition, if the joint’s anatomy is irregular or if you have a muscular weakness in the area, it may not be effective enough to uphold the artificial joint.

Is Joint Replacement Surgery necessary?
Before going for joint replacement surgery, it is important that you try everything else first. If you are able to restore your strength and flexibility in the muscles around the knee, you will be able to minimise pain and improve function. Other non-surgical treatments include pain medications, weight loss and lubricant or steroid injections.

You should understand that surgery isn’t a cure. Although total knee replacement surgery will relieve some symptoms of arthritis, it will not be able to slow down your progressive growth. Even if you go for joint surgery, you may still need to lose weight, get strong and flexible through exercise, take your prescribed medications and maintain your overall health.

Also, you may need to take the gamble of revision surgery. In younger patients, revision surgery happens twice and as often as in older patients.

According to some doctors, you should consider a partial knee replacement. This is a good option for some who have arthritis in only one part of the body or on one of three compartments of the knee. Partial knee replacement surgery is less painful, smaller surgery, and the patient can get faster recovery.

The last point before getting a joint replacement surgery, you should always go for the best specialist. Eternal is the best hospital in Jaipur which have the best orthopaedic surgeon who primarily does knee replacements and also treat any complications involved.

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