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Staying healthy and identifying health issues early on, before they worsen or become more  challenging to cure, are made possible by preventive health

Ensuring people take good care of their bodies and minds is consequently more crucial than ever,  especially in considering the current state of the globe. Concerns about job pressure and the  nation's current sedentary lifestyle have brought attention to the necessity for their safety.  Screening treatments such as full-body screenings and heart exams enable individuals to undergo  a thorough examination that could potentially discover health issues in their early stages before  they become too serious. 

Numerous multispecialty hospitals offer various health checkup packages that can be tailored to  the needs of the patient. One such facility is Eternal Hospital Jaipur. People may believe that the  sole purpose of "preventive health checkups" is to discover diseases in their early stages,  however, this is completely untrue as they also involve managing disorders earlier on.  

Life insurance might come in handy in the hereafter, but early detection and treatment would  prevent disease from entering our bodies. 

What Is The Importance Of Preventive Health Checkups?

Regular preventive health examinations are crucial for the early identification and diagnosis of  risk factors and chronic medical conditions. Early detection of health problems can help manage  chronic illnesses more effectively and prevent them from getting worse. 

All people benefit from preventive health check-ups, however, those who are more susceptible to  certain health conditions should prioritize them. Individuals who have a family history of long term illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease are more likely to experience these  ailments themselves and could benefit from more frequent screenings for preventative care.  Regular preventive health check-ups can also help people who smoke, drink excessively, have  poor eating habits, lead sedentary lives, are overweight or obese, or who are otherwise unhealthy  in order to identify potential issues early and take preventative action. 

Additionally, routine examinations support a healthy lifestyle and help you maintain your health.  Among the advantages of preventive healthcare are:

  • Early detection of health problems 
  • Preventive health checkups enable healthcare professionals to diagnose the risk factors  leading to chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. This helps  for the timely invention and treatment of these conditions. 
  • Preventive health checkups are cost-effective: Diagnosing a condition at its earlier stage  helps to reduce the cost of the treatment compared with diagnosing at a severe stage.
  • Preventive health check-ups help to improve the quality of life 

What Are The Different Types Of Preventive Health Check-ups?

The following are the different types of preventive health check-ups offered by multispeciality  hospitals including Eternal Hospital Jaipur: 

  • Full body checkups: It is a complete body checkup including tests for liver function test,  kidney profile, sugar metabolism profile, cholesterol profile and other general health  screenings. 
  • Preventive Cardiac Checkup: It is focused on heart health, including blood pressure,  cholesterol profile, and electrocardiogram stress test (ECG)
  • Preventive Diabetic Checkup: This comprises blood glucose levels, HbA1c  concentrations, and renal biochemistry to facilitate the control of diabetes and its  consequential complications. 
  • Preventive Cancer Screening: These tests include mammograms to detect breast cancer,  pap smears to detect cervical cancer, colonoscopies to detect colorectal cancer, and PSA  tests to diagnose prostate cancer.  

These specific tests offer prevention and reduced expenses in addition to identifying problems in  specializations. Depending on the preventive health screening package chosen, it could help  patients evaluate their general state of health and motivate people to manage their healthcare  more proactively. 

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Health Checkups?

Regular health checkups have numerous health benefits including early detection of the diseases,  preventing disease progression, and avoiding the associated complications.Among them, the  most common benefits include the following: 

  • Detection of diseases in its earlier stages: Regular checkups helps to diagnose conditions  like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis etc in its earlier stages.
  • Cost effective: Compared with the advanced investigatory checkups, regular health check  ups are less costly. For example, taking a chest X-ray during a routine checkup is less  expensive than taking an MRI at several stages. 
  • Prevents further disease progression: Especially cancer screenings at earlier stages helps  to diagnose conditions at an earlier stage and to start treatment for the condition. This  prevents the disease progression. 
  • Increases the life expectancy of the patient: Regular health checkups including  vaccinations, screenings, helps to control the risk factors and improve the quality of life. 
  • Customized Care: Multispecialty hospitals like Eternal Hospital in Jaipur,offer various  health checkup packages that offer comprehensive health care to quell all our health  needs. 

Corporate Health Checkup Programmes:

Policies that prioritize employee well-being and productivity include corporate health checkup  programs.Many of the best companies, including Microsoft, Google, and Tata Group, provide  comprehensive health exams in their benefits packages for employees. In addition to reducing absenteeism, these initiatives support a healthy workforce and increase overall employee  satisfaction. 

Choosing the Right Healthcare Package:

When selecting a health checkup package, consider factors such as age, gender, previous medical  history, and present health conditions. Eternal Hospital in Jaipur offers several all-inclusive  health checkup packages, including full-body exams, to satisfy a variety of needs. Whether  you're looking for a routine check-up or a thorough examination, these packages are made to  provide thorough evaluations and early detection of possible health issues. By choosing the right  health checkup package, we can proactively manage your health and offer customized treatment  that meets your specific health needs. 


Being checked for any serious diseases early on is one of the best things you can do for your  overall health and well-being. This is the idea of preventive health, which is why doctors advise  adults and children equally to get regular exams, screenings, and vaccinations.  

Preventive health services are usually covered by insurance and have major health advantages.  Stated differently, there is typically no expense associated with taking part in preventive care. If  any issues are found, getting treated early would probably save you future medical bills.
See your physician or other healthcare provider if you have any questions concerning screenings  for yourself or your children or preventative care in general. 

Choose Eternal hospital for your regular health care check ups and prioritize your wellbeing!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q: How can I schedule a health checkup at Eternal Hospital in Jaipur? 

A: Scheduling a health checkup at Eternal Hospital is an easy task. You can visit our website to  know about our health checkup packages and book an appointment online.In addition to this, you  can call our dedicated helpline to speak with a representative who can assist you in choosing the  right package and scheduling your visit according to your convenience.  

Q:What types of health checkup packages does Eternal Hospital offer? 

A: Eternal Hospital in Jaipur offers a wide range of health checkup packages. These include  basic health checkups, full body checkups, heart checkups, diabetes screenings, cancer  screenings, bone health assessments, and senior citizen health checkups. Each package is  designed to provide comprehensive evaluations and promote proactive health management. 

Q:How often should I go for a preventive health checkup? 

A: The frequency of preventive health checkups may vary based on your age, health history, and  risk factors. As a general guideline, adults should consider annual health checkups, while people  with specific health conditions may require more frequent screenings. Consult with your  healthcare provider at Eternal Hospital for personalized recommendations.

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