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What a Year! 2020 has been one of the most volatile and challenging years of our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic distress have tested all of us in many different ways.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for tirelessly working towards making Covid-19 crisis a learning experience, adapting to unique circumstances and working as a team putting care and treatment of our patients at the core of everything we did.

We are especially thankful to our frontline employees for their continuous commitment and discipline delivering the best optimal protocolized care to Covid-19 pts.

COVID-19 has brought challenges to us, just as it has to every business, family and organization. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are in good health. And for those who have suffered loss or worry, please know that we are all together during these difficult times.

While we can all agree we’re looking forward to a much better New Year 2021, the Year 2020 hasn’t been devoid of success and achievements. Listing down the salient ones: -

1. Clinical Excellence – Even the widespread highly infectious COVID-19 could not stop our march towards better clinical care.

Among the Pioneers in India:

A. ​Bentall with E-vita prosthesis


C. 2 MitraClip procedures

Significant Clinical Developments:

A. Cardiology -

1) Structural Heart Disease:

i. MitraClip, first in India, post DGCA approval.

ii. Transcatheter double valve First in Rajasthan

iii. Left atrial appendage closure with AMULET: A new treatment for Stroke prevention, first case in North India.

iv. First case in country TMVR in MAC (Mitral valve replacement in MITRAL Annular calcification)

2. Electrophysiology:

i. Physiological Pacing (HIS and Left Bundle branch pacing) 1st in State

ii. HOT CTR 1st in Country

iii. Lead Extraction Program, 1st in the state (Mechanical)

iv. Bluetooth enable pacemaker & Heart failure Devices 1st in State.

3. Shockwave Angioplasty

Shockwave Angioplasty for treating calcified blockade in coronaries and left main: most cases in Rajasthan

Highest number of cases for ROTAblator angioplasty in the year 2020 (n= 149)

A. GI Surgery - Posterior approach to the abdomen by excising Coccyx

B. Nephrology - Cytokine Adsorption through CRRT for Covid-19 patients to washout IL6 & other cytokines from the blood.

C. Neuro intervention –

i. Acute Rupture of Dissecting Aneurysm of Vertebral Artery treated with Flow Diverter.

ii. Dural AV fistula causing behavioural problems treated by Onyx embolization.

D. Obs/Gynae & Gastro Surgery - Joint treatment of PIH induced IUD with spontaneous Liver Rupture with Hypovolemic Shock.

E. Critical Care/ Internal Medicine - Saved 6 months pregnant lady with severe ARDS & Septic shock, using Prone ventilation.

Strengthening Clinical Care: through doctors’ recruitment

A. Dr Amit Chakrabarty - HOD Neuro Vascular Surgery & Sr. Consultant – Neurosurgery

B. Dr Amit Goyal- Consultant - Neuro Critical Care & Neuro Anaesthesia (First DM Neuro Critical Care in Rajasthan)

C. Dr Kapileshwar Vijay - Director- GI Surgery

D. Dr Madan Mohan Gupta - Consultant- Interventional Neuro Radiology (First DM Interventional Radiologist in Rajasthan)

E. Dr Saurabh Jaiswal - HOD & Director- CTVS

F. Dr Vikas Jhanwar – Consultant Radio Diagnosis

G. Neuro ICU: Hiring of Neuro ICU Doctors and Nursing manpower

2. Highest Cath Procedures and Revenue Rate

A. We performed the highest number of Cardiac procedures (580) in Jan’2020.

B. Feb’2020 had the highest per day Revenue and average per day occupancy.

3. Academics, Education and Research

A. Dr. Rajeev Gupta (ranked 1st in India and 108 globally in General and Internal Medicine) is listed among the top 2% scientists in the world for research. A survey done by Stanford University in PLoS one.

B. DNB- Addition of 2 DNB Medicine and 2 DNB Anaesthesia seats for the session Jan’2020.

4. Recognition and Awards

A. Eternal Hospital Jaipur was awarded by Asia's Greatest Brands 2019-2020, in the category of Industry “Healthcare”, at Asian Business and Social Forum, Pride of Asia Series Awards and Business Summit held on 7th February 2020 at The Marriott Marquis Hotel, Queen’s Park, Bangkok, Thailand.

B. Mrs Manju Sharma, Co-Chairperson and MD, was honoured by “Asiaone’s Bhartiya Mahantam Vikas Puraskar” for her leadership in the healthcare industry.

C. A coverage by Forbes Magazine - Led by Co-Chairperson and MD, Mrs Manju Sharma, Eternal Hospital has been internationally recognized for its top-performing physicians and revolutionary research centres.

D. Eternal Hospital has been awarded as the Best Multispecialty Private Hospital of Jaipur (ranked above EHCC, SDMH and SMS are trust and government hospital respectively) by ‘The Week Magazine’ in their recently conducted Best Hospital Survey 2020.

E. Crossed average google rating of 4.5 out of 5 about patients’ experience at EHCC

5. Infrastructure modifications- Despite monetary crisis we did not hold back from making the right infra investments

A. We have set up in-house RTPCR Lab in Dec’2020.

B. We commissioned in-house Rapid-PCR I-NAT Lab for Covid-19 testing in Nov’2020.

C. Started 10 bedded Neuro ICU from Oct’2020.

D. To fulfil the Covid-19 requirement-

i. Started a dedicated Screening Centre and Help Desk from April’2020 (screened ~1.5 lac people).

ii. Established and commissioned 5th floor Covid ward, ICU and Daycare (56 beds from June’2020 and increased to ~90 beds by Nov’2020; have treated ~800 in-patients and ~500 In Daycare).

E. To strengthen our electricity back-up system, we upgraded our DG in Feb’2020 and Transformer in Dec’2020.

F. Virtual OPD chambers have been created to provide virtual as well as online OPD consultations in almost all specialities. Around 2300 patients got benefitted.

G. Hospital directional Signages put on all major traffic signals at JLN Road.

6. Overseas Support

A dedicated team of doctors, nursing staff and management professionals from Eternal Hospital went to Nigeria to launch and commission Covid-19 facility, treatment and infection control protocols, training and healthcare expertise in June’2020 and still continue to do so.

7. Major Conferences and Seminars

A. 4th Eternal Heart Conclave (EHC) in its virtual edition was conducted successfully with the presence of 800+ cardiologists and physicians across the globe

B. A week-long virtual conference Eternal MedEX 2020 in association with IMA Rajasthan. In this virtual conference Eternal connected with 1100+ Doctors

C. Covid 19 has forced us to connect with society through Webinars rather than physical seminars and interaction. We have organized 400 plus live webinars.

8. Licenses and Compliances the following were renewed during 2020

A. Shops and establishment act license

B. AERB permissions

C. Narcotic license

D. Bio-Medical Waste management MOU with Instromedix

E. Ethics committee registration

To re-emphasize, our priority is the protection of our employees. We are determined to continue to avoid any threat to the health of our employees and their families.

Thanks to all for your commitment to excellence and continued dedication in all aspects of medical care including Covid-19 care, at Eternal Hospital making it as the premier ‘go-to centre’ in Rajasthan and North India.

We hope you share our optimism that 2021 will be much better and brighter, bringing us good health, togetherness, fortune, health and success.

Our best wishes to you and your family from the entire leadership team for a happy, healthy, productive and prosperous new year 2021!

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