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As you know Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose which is also referred to as blood sugar, is too high in your body. In our body, glucose is the main source of energy and comes from the food that you eat on a daily basis. Our body mechanism works in such a way that insulin and hormones made by the pancreas help glucose that we get from the food get into the cells which are later used for energy. When our body doesn’t make enough insulin or when the insulin remains unused, then glucose stays in our blood and doesn’t reach the cells.

This glucose that we get from food over time can cause severe health problems when we have too much glucose in our body. Although diabetes has no permanent cure, one can always take steps to track and manage this severe disease we call diabetes.

How to track Diabetes:
It’s very important to track diabetes especially when you have someone in your family who has a history of diabetes or even if your blood sugar level is on the borderline or just crossed the line. Tracking diabetes can surely help you in managing it and it also helps in keeping your blood sugar under control as well.

There are various methods for keeping a track of diabetes, one can either look for the common symptoms like:

  • If you are having the urge of drinking water too much
  • Increase in urination
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • While urination you find the presence of ketones in your urine
  • Fatigue (If you are feeling tired and weak)
  • Sudden mood changes
  • If you are having blurry vision
  • If your wounds are taking more time to heal

Scientific researches also show that tracking diabetes brings awareness about the disease and this way you tend to manage it really well. In recent times, we have digital gadgets like wearables to record food, exercise, etc. which help in keeping a track of our blood sugar levels.

How to Manage Diabetes:
When it comes to managing your diabetes, ABCs will definitely help you in managing your blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Let’s break down these ABCs and find out the management process.

  • A is for the A1C test - This test helps you in understanding your average blood glucose level over the past 3 months.
  • B is for Blood Pressure - The suggested blood pressure goal for most people showing the symptoms of diabetes is below 140/90mm.
  • C is for Cholesterol - In every human body, there are two kinds of cholesterol in your blood which we call LDL and HDL. LDL is what we call bad cholesterol and when this bad cholesterol builds up, it can clog your blood vessels too much bad cholesterol can cause a heart attack or a stroke whereas HDL which is also known as ‘good’ cholesterol removes this bad cholesterol from your blood vessels.
  • S is for quit smoking - Smoking is like killing yourself if you are showing signs of diabetes or if you have diabetes. Smoking narrows your blood vessels and this narrowing makes your heart work harder. Even those E-cigarettes aren’t a safe option if you are trying to manage diabetes.

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