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When it comes to infertility, the focus has always been on women. However, men are equally to blame for this problem. 12-18 million couples in India are diagnosed with infertility every year. However, in nearly half of these infertility cases, the cause is the male counterpart.

Male infertility has become a common problem these days. Some of the best hospitals in Jaipur and India have reported that the normal sperm count of adult males in India has decreased to 20 million/ml from 60 million/ml.

Male infertility occurs when your body cannot produce and deliver the sperm successfully. According to one of the best doctors for male Infertility treatment in Jaipur, it can be caused by improper function of sperm, low production or a blockage in the sperm delivery.

While many know that these conditions affect their chance of conceiving a baby, they may not realize that these factors may depend on their habits and lifestyle. So if you’re planning to have a baby soon, it would be helpful to know about these lifestyle choices in advance.

Here are a few common habits that can directly affect your fertility:

It’s no secret that smoking a cigarette is harmful to your health. I mean, the warning is literally on the box. But you would be shocked to know that it can also harm your fertility. Cigarette contains a high level of nicotine, which can negatively impact sperm quality in men.

Cigarette smokes also contains harmful components like cadmium, lead and tobacco, which reduces sperm density. IVF treatment hospitals in Jaipur have witnessed that regular smokers have irreparable sperm damage and low sperm count.

While an occasional glass of wine probably won’t hurt your chances of conceiving, heavy drinking can. Regular drinking can reduce your sperm count, decrease your testosterone levels and drastically affect your performance. It can also lead to more problems, such as erectile dysfunction and liver disease.

To add more to your worries, it can have lasting genetic effects on your future children. An open study reported that five drinks a week reduce sperm quality which can only worsen with time.

Obesity causes a long list of health problems in both males and females. But you would be surprised to know that it can generally affect the reproduction capacity in males. Morbidly obese are three times more likely to have lower sperm quality and count than fitter men.

According to an open study, overweight men are more likely to have sperm damage and infertility. They also suffer lower testosterone levels and other health problems that cause reduced sex drive and a lesser chance of conceiving.

Recreational drugs hurt male fertility in more than one way. Males with a long history of drug abuse have irreparable damage in the HPG axis, reproduction system and sperm function. It not reduce your chances of having a baby but can also cause erectile dysfunction.

In younger males, regular marijuana smoking causes lower sperm count and concentration, which happen when males hit middle age. According to research, it also reduces sperm quality by 52% and sperm count by 55%.

Hot tubs:
Sperms are stored outside your body because they require cool temperature, and our body heat can be harmful to them. So when you get into a hot tub or a sauna, you’re deliberately increasing your chances of infertility. What’s more worrisome is that these effects are only reversible in 50% of men.

According to one of the best IVF treatment hospitals in Jaipur, men who repeatedly exposed their reproduction organs to high temperature are more at risk of lower sperm motility and male infertility.

The best hospital in Jaipur suggested that stress is the most common cause of today’s health problems, including infertility. It lowers testosterone levels, increases the production of estrogen levels in males and also lead to a lower sexual drive.Being stressful also increases the cortisol hormone that can negatively impact your sperm count and increase your chances of becoming infertile.

It’s not too late to improve your sperm health, so if you’re trying to conceive, staying away from these habits can make a significant difference. If you want an expert consultation for seeing improvements in sperm quality, you can come down to our Male Infertility Treatment in Jaipur to increase your chances of reproductive success.

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