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ENT problem is an umbrella term used for the entire gamut of diseases, ailments and infections that specifically affect the ears, nose and throat. Although these affect people of any age group, there are more likely to be found in children and are usually a result of the underdevelopment of various parts of the ENT region. These may also be triggered by allergies. Children can be allergic to a lot of things and it can be really difficult to keep your child away from such things all the time. Top ENT specialists in Jaipur suggest that without proper evaluation and screening, it is quite difficult to determine whether your child is suffering from a mere allergy or something serious.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some common ENT problems that affect children with the help of the best paediatric surgeons in Jaipur, with the aim of helping you understand why it is important to recognize the symptoms and seek proper medical help.

  • Ear Infections: Ear infection is a very common problem that affects almost all the children at some point. Almost all the parents are familiar with such infections as these are the major reason why they need to consult paediatric ENT specialists. Most of these infections involve otitis media or the middle ear. Sometimes, infections that develop on the respiratory tract can invade the surrounding areas and travel up the Eustachian tube and trigger infection in the middle ear as well. The child is likely to feel symptoms like persistent pain in the affected ear, fever, child or headache, especially in the affected side of the head. Doctors from the best hospital in Jaipur usually prescribe antibiotics to help with the infection. These are to be taken orally. Although older children may develop infections as a result of an allergic reaction which also leads to the accumulation of fluid behind the ear-drum, in case of infants, infections induced by allergies are quite rare.
  • Throats infections: Throat infections too are very common in children. two of the major throat problems that affect almost all the children include tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The former is triggered by a chronic infection in the tonsils whereas the latter affects the pharyngitis. The symptoms of both the problems are quite common making it difficult to distinguish between the two without proper check-up in some cases. Throat infections can also be a result of allergic reactions to environmental factors and pollutants. These often lead to the production of excessive mucus that keeps dripping from the nose, soreness in the throat, hoarseness in voice, discomfort and itching sensation in the throat.
  • Sinusitis: The problem affects both adults as well as children and is triggered by a severe infection of the maxillary sinus in children. It is marked by persistent nasal discharge, blockage in the nasal passage which often causes snoring, coughing and teary eyes. Doctors usually recommend antibiotics to control the problem. In case the problem is induced by allergy, it is important to determine the exact cause of the allergy and prescribe antiallergic medication accordingly.
  • Rhinitis:The condition is commonly referred to as hay fever. It is one of the most common ENT problems that can either be seasonal or experienced all round the year. Common symptoms include nasal obstruction, breathing difficulty while sleeping, nasal dripping and body rashes. The child is likely to feel tired and nauseated as well. It is triggered by an allergic response to certain foods and other environmental factors.

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