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Protect Your Heart from Diseases

We have more than 90 different organs which are present in different parts of the body. If we talk about musculoskeletal system, then it consists of human skeleton, joints, ligaments etc. Similarly, digestive system consists of mouth, salivary glands, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine etc. But one of the most important organs out of all is our heart. Heart is the organ which pumps blood throughout the body. This blood then provides the body with oxygen and nutrients. It also assists in the removal of metabolic wastes. Proper care of heart is very much important if your body is to function in a normal manner.

Heart care should be done with the help of preventive care, screening, advanced diagnostic tests, invasive and non invasive procedures, postoperative management, cardiac rehabilitation and a full range of surgical programmes. All you need to do is carefully select the best hospital to do that. Eternal is the most preferred heart care centre in India. Eternal hospital has the best of human resources, technical skills and equipment to deal with heart related issues.

The branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and disorders of the heart is known as cardiology. It includes diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart attacks, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiography. Doctors who specialize in this specialty are known as cardiologists. It is important to know that a cardiologist is different than a cardiac surgeon. Cardiac surgeon opens the heart and performs heart surgery.

The need of cardiologist is there if you are experiencing the following symptoms –

1. Shortness of breath is one of the common reasons.

2. There is chest pain in case of heart problem.

3. High blood pressure and change in the rhythm of the heart are also indications.

Some of the common tests which are done by the cardiologists are –

1. Electrocardiogram – It notes down the electrical activity of the heart.

2. Echocardiogram – it provides an ultrasound picture that shows the structure of the heart chamber.

3. Cardiac Catheterization – a small tube is added in or near the heart to relieve a blockage.

When it comes to taking care of the conditions of the heart of infants, then we have pediatric cardiology too in our department. We provide state of the art services for children suffering from any type of heart ailment. The diagnosis is started after all the stats such as height, weight, blood pressure etc are measured.

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