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All You Need To Know About Thoracoscopy

Thoracoscopy: definition and meaning

Thoracoscopy can be defined as a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that is used to critically examine the chest cavity. It is done with the help of a thoracoscope, a thin flexible tube with a light and a small video camera attached on the end. The doctors usually make a small incision to insert the thoracoscope.

Also known as VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery), this enables the surgeons to clearly view the inside pictures on the video monitor, thus ensuring a proper diagnosis.

Thoracoscopy is performed in almost all the top Pulmonology hospitals in Jaipur where an expert team of doctors aim to provide specialised care with utmost precision and safety.

Why the need for thoracoscopy?

Being both diagnostic and minimally invasive, it is required for two purposes i.e. to examine the chest cavity in order to find the underlying cause and the second is to treat that underlying cause.

4 conditions in which your doctor may recommend thoracoscopy:

  • To find the underlying cause of lung problem

When you may feel difficulty in breathing or produces excessive cough or facing any other problem in the lungs, best doctors in Jaipur often recommend thoracoscopy to find the exact cause.

  • To examine the suspicious area in your chest

Thoracoscopy minutely examines the abnormal areas seen during the imaging tests like a chest x-ray or CT scan. It is commonly used for people with mesothelioma and lung cancer.

  • To treat small lung cancers

It is used when the cancer is limited in a region so by removing that region of the lungs having the cancerous tumour will solve the purpose. In certain cases it may also be used to treat cancers of the oesophagus or thymus gland.

  • To remove fluid around the lungs

It can be used to remove excess fluid accumulated around the lungs causing trouble in breathing. Because the fluid tends to form or accumulates again so the doctors often recommend medicine which can be put into the chest cavity with a thoracoscope, to prevent the fluid from coming back.

What before, during and after thoracoscopy?

Before the test

It is important to prepare your body before undergoing any treatment or surgical procedure to ensure the smooth execution of the process with fewer complications.

A doctor may advise you to follow a set of instructions or preparatory tips before undergoing the test:

  1. Stop your blood-thinning medicines for at least a week before the test.
  2. Practice fasting for several hours before the test

During the test


A tube attached to a breathing machine is put into your throat during the procedure. Following this, a thoracoscope is inserted by making a small incision in the back just below the tip of the shoulder blade between two ribs. Another cut is made just below the underarm on the same side, so the instrument with the cutting tool can be put in. These small incisions allow some air in the lungs to be released which make easier for the surgeon to see the abnormal areas. Then this abnormal area is removed with the cutting tool and checked in the lab.

A third incision is made when there is a presence of fluid that needs to be removed or drained. This cut is made in the lower chest wall and a flexible catheter (called a chest tube) is put in so fluid can drain out over a few days.

After the test

Post thoracoscopy, you will be under the doctor’s critical observation in order to track the latest developments. Also, you might experience a sore throat, cough, or hoarseness for the next few days after the effect of anaesthesia subsedes. You may have to stay in the hospital for a few days if the surgeon has performed the procedure using general anaesthesia. On the other hand, if the procedure is outpatient then you might get discharged within a few hours.

A lot of people prefer to undergo the procedure in Jaipur not only because of the cutting-edge techniques used but also due to the fact that thoracoscopy cost in Jaipur is comparatively lower than other places.

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