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All You Should Know About Low Sperm Count

Waiting for a new member in your family, but this wait doesn’t end?

This could be an alarming indication of sexual may be in you or in your partner that won’t let you conceive. There could be a possibility that you might have a low sperm means that is your semen contains fewer sperms than the normal amount.

What happens when you have a low sperm count?

Also, known as which can be defined as a condition where a person has low sperm count when he has fewer than 15 million sperms per of semen. Actually, a low sperm count decreases the chances of being able to your partner’s egg, hence reducing chances of pregnancy. Though is some men with a low sperm count are also able to have children. So, this is the problem which is increasing in men at a faster rate due to and stress. Due to the advancement in the medical technology one can get infertility treatment in Jaipur.

Healthy sperm healthy baby

In order to get your female partner need to have healthy sperms enough to make the journey from your partner’s vagina to the cervix and uterus to the tubes.

3 parameters on which her pregnancy depends:

  • Quantity

This is the measures of your sperm you have in your is ejaculated in your partner’s vagina.

  • Movement

This can be defined as motility and it measures how fast or well your sperm move to their final destination your partner’s egg.

  • Structure

Normal sperm have egg-shaped heads and long tails. The normal the shape of the sperm you have, the easier it will be for them to reach your partner’s egg.

What causes low sperm count?

5 causes that you must be aware of:

  • Medical problems

A condition that can be defined as in which the veins that drain the testicles get swelled up is one of the most common and reversible causes of low sperm count. This may be due to certain infections which can interfere with sperm production.

  • Environmental factors

Environmental factors can be said in the context of the exposure to industrial chemicals and radiation and overheating of the testicles. Actually, sperm production in humans depends on the temperature of the testicles. It is the scrotum which regulates the temperature of the testes. This increase in temperature affects both the quality and quantity of the sperm produced.

  • Health and lifestyle problems

Consumption of drugs and alcohol is in a bad or spoiled lifestyle. So, as with unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, wearing tight clothes, emotional stress and weight all these can have an adverse impact.

When to see a doctor?

5 alarming symptoms that demand a check-up:

  • The problem in sexual functioning like low sex drive or difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area
  • Hormone abnormality

How to increase the sperm count?

  • Indulge in physical activity

A 30 exercise would suffice. Physical exercise is not only beneficial while having a low sperm count but also in general lifestyle. According to research, there is a direct link between weight loss and exercise and improved or increased sperm count.

  • Smoking and drinking is injurious for your sperm

Having an adverse effect smoking and drinking to reduced sperm affect a person’s overall sexual well-being as smoking damages the blood vessels tampering with the flow of blood into the penis, thereby causing erectile dysfunction. The blockage in blood vessels further takes a toll on virility.

However, there are several other factors if improved will, in turn, improve your sperm count and quality like taking less stress, consuming fewer medicines etc.

So, if you are suffering from the same should immediately opt for the low sperm count treatment in Jaipur as the region offers some good options.

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