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Taking Care of Your Teeth with Assistance from Top Hospital

An adult human being has 32 teeth and are important to the aesthetic appearance of our face. They are one of the defining characteristic and visible whenever we open our mouth. They also play a vital function in the body. Their main function is to chew and tear the food as soon as it is taken in the mouth. It helps in swallowing down the food and digestion. Just like the other parts of the body, they are also susceptible to some medical conditions. These conditions are solved by visiting a Dental hospital in Jaipur.

The branch of medicine which deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of all the conditions and diseases of the oral cavity is known as dentistry. Specialists who are associated with this field are known as dentist. Patients who are suffering from dental problems can suffer from psychological problems in both their personal and professional lives. At Eternal hospital, all the problems related to oral hygiene are solved. Problems regarding functional and aesthetic appearance are solved by our dentists. Services provided by us cater to people of every age, be it infants, children or adults.

Some of the common treatments available at our hospital are –

Bridges – As the name suggests, bridges lessens the gap created by missing tooth. There can be one or more missing tooth that may be bothering you. It is made up of two or more crowns on either side of the gap. They are created by taking an impression of the nearby teeth. The artificial material is made up of precious metal and porcelain.

Dental Fillings – dental filling is a treatment method which is used to treat a cavity. The decayed portion will be removed and filled with artificial material. There are different types of filling material available such as gold, porcelain, silver amalgam. There is a glass material known as glass ionomer.

Root Canal Treatment – it is considered as one of the major treatments of this branch. It is used to fight of any infection that has occurred at the centre of a tooth. If no treatment is carried out, then the infection can spread to other tooth. This treatment is done with or without braces.

Implants – it is a complete surgical procedure which is carried out to replace a missing tooth. It is used when dentures are no longer supportable. It can be done in case of one or several teeth.

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