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Diet and Exercise You Must Follow After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity is one of the leading concerns of doctors nowadays as the problem is growing at a very fast pace and has a wide range of diseases associated with it. Obesity can be hereditary or a result of unhealthy eating habits and a stagnant lifestyle. Although dieting and exercising can help you to reduce those extra kilos, however, the process is quite lengthy. Hence it is better to opt for surgical means in case you want to lose weight rapidly. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the best options available to reduce weight safely, at a very fast rate. You can find one of the leading hospitals offering the best gastric bypass surgeries in Jaipur. Just like any other surgical procedure, gastric bypass surgeries also need to be followed up by proper precautionary measures to ensure a higher success rate of the procedure.

One of the major things that have to be taken care of after the surgery is the patient's diet. Certain food products are strictly prohibited after the surgery. Exercising too is quite important and there are certain exercises that are highly recommended after a gastric bypass. It is very important to know about all of these in order to ensure a healthy recovery. As per one of the leading doctors known for performing the best gastric bypass surgeries in Jaipur, the following guidelines are to be followed after undergoing a gastric bypass.

Initially, after the surgery, the patient has prescribed a bariatric clear liquid diet. For the first few days following the surgery, the major focus is laid on healing and keeping the patient hydrated. The patient is allowed to drink water, broth, sugar-free jello, Decaf Coffee and decaf or caffeine-free tea.

Solid food should be started after a week or so. A number of things have to be kept in mind as far as the meals are concerned.

Chew the food properly and eat small bites. You can even take your food in puree form for the first few days.

Do not eat beyond your capacity. The surgery reduces the size of your stomach as a result of which you feel fuller after eating a very small amount of food. Stop as soon as you feel that your stomach is filled up.

Eat at regular intervals and do not go without eating for more than 4 hours.

Avoid eating food products rich in fats and cholesterol. Follow the diet chart recommended by your dietician.

Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be avoided.

As far as the exercising is concerned, start with mild exercises and increase the intensity gradually. You may go out for walks and jogging whatever suits you the best. Cycling, swimming and skipping can also prove to be very helpful but these should be started only after consulting your doctor. Stress should be laid on both cardio and weight training.

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