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What are the Different Types of Speech Disorders in Children

About Speech Disorders

Speech disorders also known as speech impediments are a variety of disorders specifically affecting a person's speech or the way he/she communicates verbally. Such disorders are more common in case of children and can have a drastic impact on their self-confidence and even affect their performance at school.

Speech Disorders in Case of Children

It is quite difficult to determine such problems in case of children as it is very normal for toddlers to stammer or experience difficulty while speaking. Also, there is no exact age from which a child starts speaking so it won't be possible to determine whether a child is mute or not at first. The various possible caused of speech disorders in children include hearing loss, neurological disorders, brain injury, drug abuse by mother during pregnancy, Prenatal complications, physical impairments etc.

As per the top ENT doctors in Jaipur, it is possible to treat children who are struggling with speech disorders using therapies and various other means.

Different Types of Speech Disorders

The top speech therapists in Jaipur specialise in treating a wide range of speech disorders which include the following:

Apraxia of Speech- Also known as verbal Apraxia or dyspraxia, a child suffering from this problem finds it difficult to express his/her thoughts in words which leads to problems with reading, writing, spelling, calculations etc. This also includes various coordination and motor skill problems. The adversity of the problem varies from person to person.

Cluttering- The speech of a child suffering from this problem is rapid and lacks fluency. This is very common when a child starts speaking due to his inability to find the right words to express himself.

Dysarthria- In children suffering from dysarthria tend to experience poor articulation of phonemes which makes it difficult to pronounce the words correctly, due to serious neurological injuries that affect the motor speech system. This can result from stroke, brain tumour, brain trauma, infection, ALS, Bell's palsy, cerebral palsy, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis etc.

Dysprosody- The prosodic functions of children suffering from dysprosody are either compromised or completely eliminated. Prosodic functions refer to the various aspects of speech like melody, intonation, pauses, stresses, intensity, vocal quality, accent etc.

Speech Sound Disorder- A child suffering from this problem is not able to produce speech sounds properly. In medical terms, it is commonly known as protracted phonological development.

Stuttering- Commonly known as stammering, the problem is marked by the persistence of involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds and syllabus as well as abnormal hesitation or pausing before the speech. Sometimes the child may even repeat words and phrases.

Voice Disorder- Voice refers to the sound produced by our vocal cords. Vice disorder, commonly known as spasmodic dysphoria or laryngeal dystonia is a disorder marked by the distraction of pitch, loudness and quality of voice from what the speaker is trying to say.

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