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Eat Nutritious Food to Keep Ailments at Bay - Eternal Hospital

Each and every one of us is different from one other. There may be some similar traits present in some of us but overall, no two human beings are completely same. That is one similarity in all of them. We all have different goals to achieve and for that energy is put. Now, all of the things that we do and effort we put is done by consuming proper food. Along with regular exercise, if there is anything required in keeping us fit then it is a balanced diet. If you are not able to do that on your own, then you require external help. That help is given by Eternal hospital which is the best hospital for diet therapy in Jaipur.

Nutrition is an integral part of our life. It aids us in preventing and treating different ailments. The journey of maintaining good health begins by making healthy diet changes and this is done best by visiting a dietician. The food we intake may or may not be lacking essential vitamins and minerals. To make sure that all the additional requirements are met, it is essential to get a complete dietary analysis and Eternal provides clinical nutrition and the team consists of top quality dietetics in India.

At Eternal, you will be diagnosed by top dieticians in Jaipur. For outpatient care, we offer services like Daily OPD, bariatric diet clinic, oncology diet clinic. We have separate facilities for inpatient care and for them we organize daily visits by dietician, make nutritional assessment of all the patients while admitting them and plan their diet according to the therapeutic needs.

Generally diet therapy is also prescribed by a physician to improve health. It is considered as a preventive or corrective treatment of disease. It can also be suggested if you are intolerant to some particular kind of food. For ex – if you are lactose intolerant, your diet will be modified and there will be no dairy products.

We also have nutritionist among our highly efficient team who prescribe nutritious diet for cancer patients. It is important to engage in healthy eating habits during and after cancer treatment. There can be cases of malnutrition. Eating right amount of protein and calories is important for healing and having enough energy in the body to fight different kinds of infections.


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