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Four Major Causes Of Male Infertility

Male fertility issues are often overlooked when it comes to the topic ofinfertility in a country like India, where people refrain from talking about such topics openly owing to the various taboos and lack of proper knowledge. You will be surprised to know whopping 40% of fertility issues are either fully or partly because of men and hence should be given equal consideration.Majority of these problems can be tackled very easily with the help of proper assistance and treatment which is offered at the leading IVF treatment hospitals in Jaipur.


Male fertility is quite complex and for a male to be fertile there is a criterion that has to be met. One must be able to produce healthy sperm and the production of healthy sperm requires proper growth and formation of male reproductive organs during puberty.The testicles should be functioning correctly and ensure healthy production of testosterone and other hormones for normal sperm production. Sperm also have to be carried to semen which is why transportation of sperm via delicate tubes where they are mixed with semen and ejaculated out of the penis is equally important. As per the doctors specializing in infertility treatment in Jaipur, sperm count in semen is also a contributing factor to infertility and low sperm count means decreased chance of being able to fertilize your partner’s eggs. It is also important that the sperm is functional and able to move because if it is unable to do so it will not reach and penetrate the partner’s egg.


Mentioned below are the four most common causes of male infertility, as listed by the doctors from the best hospitals in Jaipur:


  • Quantity of sperm: Quantity of sperm is one of the most important factors affecting male fertility as semen that contains fewer sperm or no sperm at all will not be able to fertilize the partner’s egg. Clinically, having a low sperm count is defined as having less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. A sperm analysis is helpful when it comes to checking the sperm count in a male.


  • Quality of sperm: The quality of sperm is an important factor that cannot be overlooked when it comes to male fertility issues and as it can affect sperm mobility and other issues by creating obscurity for the sperm so it is not able to reach the egg and fertilize it. Various factors can be held responsible for affecting the quality of the sperm. One of the factors is the shape of the sperm. Sometimes the shape of the sperm is such that it is not able to move easily. Quality of sperm can be checked by thorough sperm analysis.


  • Testicular damage: Testicular damage can have a serious impact on your fertility as it can affect both the quality and quantity of the sperm as testicles contain the sperm and keep the delicate cells protected from the environment. Keeping testicles cool is imperative to maintain the quality of the sperm as overheating can seriously damage these. This can be done by not sitting down for a longer period and wearing underwear that is not too tight. Testicular damage can also be caused by trauma, such as from playing rigorous sports, infection, testicular surgery, a congenital defect and undescended testicles.


  • Ejaculation disorders: These also impact fertility as the sperm is not able to reach the egg of the partner. Premature ejaculation is one issue where the ejaculation occurs too early. Retrograde ejaculation is another issue and occurs when semen enters the bladder during orgasm instead of coming out of the penis. No ejaculation is also another issue as some men that have spinal cord injuries or certain other diseases can't ejaculate semen, even though they have no problem in producing sperm. Surgical sperm retrieval can help in certain cases of ejaculation trouble.


Resorting to a healthy lifestyle and opting for better lifestyle choices is one of the most convenient ways to be able to improve one’s fertility. Certain lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, illegal recreational drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, steroids, an unhealthy diet, obesity and unsafe sex that leads to sexually transmitted infections or diseases can cause male infertility by affecting sperm quality, quantity or sperm passage. Hence it is important to refrain from all these and practice a healthy lifestyle.

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