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Providing Relief to Heart Attack Patients Living in Rural Areas

Our heart works 24/7 and round the clock. The function played by it is considered as one of the most important in the body. It works by circulating blood to all the parts of the body. All is well when this cycle goes on continuously but there are some diseases which hampers this work. Heart attack is one of those. In this condition, there is blockage of blood flow to the heart. The blood is not able to reach the heart. With no blood, all the tissues are without oxygen and begin to die. In this condition, there should be immediate intervention. Calling an ambulance should be the first and best option. But this is not possible in rural areas. These areas lack medical facilities and there is no service. Any delay can worsen the condition and can prove to be fatal too. To get rid of this problem, Eternal Hospital has come up with RAHAT program in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment (RAHAT) program was started for people living in rural areas and have suffered from heart attack. They are provided timely treatment with in the form of emergency ambulance and telemedicine service. Going in detail, RAHAT is a STEMI management telemedicine platform that captures and transmits patient’s EKG along with the history from remote rural areas to the Heart Command Centre (HCC) hub. There is a team of cardiologists present who gather this information and provide immediate EKG interpretation and real time STEMI guidance and management via tele-communication.

There is also use of GPS technology to provide intelligent ambulance dispatch and monitoring. It helps the doctors to know where exactly the ambulance is needed without wasting any time. It helps in activation of green channel at hub to that all the formalities are skipped and the patient is directly admitted to the Cathlab. All this complete procedure saves lot of time and increases the chance of survival.

In developed countries, it the normal and most preferred protocol but in India only has been done before in Kerala. We are only the second in India and first in Rajasthan to pioneer this treatment modality. This particular heart failure treatment in Jaipur was started in collaboration between the government and Eternal Hospital. It was inaugurated by honorable Chief Minister Ms. Vasundhara Raje herself on 25th Feb 2017. All the villages under the radius of 100 km are covered in this program.

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