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How Can Stent Improve My Heart Condition

Heart being the most important organ in the human body works tireless, twenty four hours a day, to pump blood to all the different parts of the body so that all these parts function properly without any failure. Hence taking proper care of the heart becomes a necessity considering the fact that heart diseases have become very common these days and can affect people of all age groups from very young children to aged people. Heart diseases can be congenital i.e. caused due to the deformation of heart in the its developmental stage, Genetic i.e. passed down from the parents to the children or acquired i.e. developed at a later stage in life due to unhealthy Lifestyle practices or prevailing medical conditions. It has been seen that people suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases. Obesity is also a leading culprit behind various heart problems.

Heart diseases can be of various types and can be cured if treated on time however any delay in treatment can lead to complications that can prove to be life threatening. Heart attack is one of the most dangerous conditions of the heart which if not treated on time can even result in the death of the person. One way of dealing with heart attacks is medicine and using a stent. The major reason behind heart attacks is the blockage of the coronary artery.

Stents help in keeping the coronary arteries open and hence help in reducing the risk of a heart attack. The process of inserting a stent involves insertion of the stent into the clogged artery with the help of a balloon catheter. Once the balloon is inflated the stent also expands and gets locked into the place. This expansion of the stent helps in keeping the artery open and allows the blood to flow more freely hence reducing the risks of suffering heart attack in future.

After the stent has been inserted the recovery of the patient is pretty fast. The patients are usually discharged within twelve to twenty four hours and can return to work in a day or three. A recent study revealed that almost sixty percent of the population of India suffers from heart related diseases. The major reason behind this is increased consumption of processed food and unhealthy living habits that have a very bad effect on the health of the heart and can sometimes cause a severe damage, hence it becomes very important to take a good care of the health of the heart starting right from childhood.

Proper education about the importance of heart and the various diseases associated with it is very important to prevent the problem.

Inserting stent is a good option for those who suffer from a blockage in the coronary artery however it does have its downfalls too. One of the major disadvantages of inserting a stent is that it can sometimes result in the muscles of the heart being damaged which can in turn further increase the risk of getting a heart attack. Although, this condition is very rare, it has been seen that in almost one to two percent of the people who have a stent inserted, a blood clot is formed at the site of the stent which can eventually result in a cardiac arrest, stroke or other severe problems.


It has also been seen that there might be bleeding from the stent site in some cases or even damage to the blood vessel due to the catheter. It can also result in a condition called arrhythmias in which there a irregular heartbeats. During the procedure of inserting a stent a dye is used which in the long run can damage the kidneys resulting in renal failure as well. Some patients may develop an allergy to the dye which can further affect the health and cause a delay in the recovery process causing trauma and stress both for the family and the patient. Hence before opting for this method the patients are advised to consult the specialist to discuss both the pros as well as the cons of the procedure so as to avoid any further health complications.

Heart is a vital organ which is responsible for pumping blood to all the parts of the body hence taking its health into consideration becomes very important. Due to the unhealthy living conditions such as unhealthy food and lack of exercise the health of the heart has been compromised. Heart attacks have become a common issue in today’s world. According to the best heart doctor in India the major reason for it is the blockage of the coronary artery which restricts the flow of blood. So in order to allow the blood to flow properly a stent may be used. The stent helps in opening the artery hereby enabling the blood to flow normally. However, much care needs to be taken while inserting the stent as it can have a damaging effect on the muscles of the heart which can further deteriorate the heart health. If you are looking for the best heart doctor in India you can find some of the best cardiologist in Jaipur at Eternal Hospital. 
Although stent provides a good option for reducing the risk of a heart attack by opening the blocked coronary artery, however it has many disadvantages as well which include complications such as formation of a blood clot at the site of the stent, infections and allergy due to medicines used during the stent insertion and bleeding at the site of the stent. A recent study shows that around two percent of the people who opt for stent insertion suffer from all these side effects. So it becomes very important to take all these factors into account before opting for stent placement. Since the health of the heart is very important it is better not to compromise with your heart health and choose the best heart doctor in India. The staff at Eternal Hospital which is headed by the best cardiologist in Jaipur gives utmost priority to the safety and comfort of the patients.

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