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How can We Prevent Stroke and Keep Our Heart Healthy

A stroke is a medical condition triggered by the insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the brain which is mostly caused by clogged blood vessels which hinder the normal flow of blood. The condition is hence, very closely related to our heart health and as such, it is very important to keep our heart healthy to lower your chances of developing a stroke. Stroke can be extremely dangerous and can even lead to death. Our blood vessels which include the arteries and the veins can get damaged due to a variety of reasons which include plaque formation, injury and clots. Since a stroke can have a drastic impact on your brain and pose a serious threat to your life, it is better to follow a healthy and sound lifestyle in order to minimise your vulnerability to develop the problem. Cardiology treatment in India has reached new heights in the past few years owing mainly to the use of the latest technological and minimally invasive procedures. You can find one of the best hospitals for heart disease treatment in Jaipur.

We all know that plaque formation and blood vessel blockage can be very dangerous for our heart but do you know that these can have a drastic impact on your brain as well? Well, it is true. Blockage in the blood vessels responsible for the supply of blood to the brain can lead to a condition called stroke which is marked by the insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. The brain is the part of the central nervous system and coordinates all the metabolic activities taking place in our body. It is responsible for every single action of the individual and is extremely sensitive. The continuous supply of blood and oxygen to the brain is very important as it can otherwise damage the brain cells and lead to severe side effects.

To understand how we can avoid a stroke, it is very important to understand what exactly causes it. We all know that blood and oxygen flow in our body is regulated by the circulatory system that consists of the heart and the various blood vessels i.e the arteries and the veins. The heart pumps the blood which is supplied to the various organs via this network of arteries and veins. However, these blood vessels can sometimes get damaged and in turn hinder the normal flow of blood. This can be a result of a congenital heart condition, severe injury or blow to the vessels or plaque formation. Plaque refers to the unwanted salt, oil and cholesterol particles that have a tendency to stick to the walls of the arteries and veins, thereby, creating a barrier against the free flow of blood. Plaque formation is very common in adults through the problem can also affect children and is usually a result of unhealthy and stagnant lifestyle practices.

The chances of developing a stroke can be easily reduced if we keep our heart healthy. This can be done by making some life-saving changes in our daily routine and lifestyle.

One of the most important culprits behind stroke or any other heart disease is obesity. The problem is very common and affects both children as well as adults. Obese people are not only more prone to cardiovascular problems but also various other health issues. They have higher levels of cholesterol and fats in their body which are the major components of plaque. Hence it is important to keep your weight under check and thrice towards a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising is extremely important for our heart as it increases metabolism and increases the flow of blood in our veins and arteries. This helps to keep our heart healthy and fit. Exercising has a large number of benefits that have been acknowledged by doctors worldwide. Exercising also helps to keep your weight under control. If you do not want to enrol yourself in a gym, you can perform some basic exercises at home. Apart from these, early morning walks and yoga can also opt for.

A proper and healthy diet is also essential for the health of your heart. You should know the difference between good and bad fats and what all food products fall under these categories. Good fats like avocado and nuts are very good for your heart health. Apart from these green leafy fruits and vegetable as well as fresh fruit juices can also help to keep your heart healthy. Try to avoid fast food as much as possible. Salt intake should also be lowered.

Avoid smoking and drinking as these are the greatest enemies of your heart. Smoking is not only harmful to you but can also affect your loved ones as passive smoking is also one of the major causes of various heart problems. These are many rehabilitation centres and clinics that can help you to quit smoking. You just need to reach out.

If you have a family history of stroke, make sure you visit a cardiologist at least twice a year and discuss all your concerns and medical history with him. You might be asked to undergo certain screenings and tests which help to determine any change in your heart health.

Although blood vessel blockage that is congenital or caused by injuries sustained in an accident cannot be avoided, however, we can surely reduce or completely negate the chances of developing a stroke that is triggered by plaque formation on the surface of the blood vessels. Making a few healthy changes in your daily routine can help you to bring down your vulnerability to stroke as well as many other heart-related issues. It is extremely important to keep our heart healthy at all costs. Although cardiology treatment in India is very efficient and commendable,  however, we still believe that prevention is better than cure and hence we highly recommend you to follow a healthy lifestyle and consume a proper and balanced diet as this might help to avoid stroke as well as various other health problems. Also, make sure to consult your doctor and share all your concerns with him without making any decision regarding your heart health.

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