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How does Diabetes Related to Hyperthyroidism

Both diabetes and hyperthyroidism are problems that affect the endocrine system. Diabetes is a disease marked by the inability of the body to produce insulin which is responsible for breaking down the glucose in our food and converting it into energy. The inability to produce insulin results in an increased level of glucose in the blood that can be highly dangerous. Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, is a type of thyroid that is caused by the excessive production of thyroid hormone which in turn leads to increased metabolism resulting in drastic weight loss. You can find one of the best facilities of hyperthyroidism treatment in Jaipur. Both hyperthyroidism and diabetes are autoimmune disorders and it is quite natural that if a person is suffering from one autoimmune disorder is more likely to acquire other such disorders as well. It has been found that patient suffering from type 1 diabetes are more vulnerable to hyperthyroidism.

As per the specialists hailing from one of the leading hospitals known for the best hyperthyroidism and diabetes care in Jaipur, hyperthyroidism can worsen the blood sugar levels of a patient as patients suffering from hypothyroidism need a lot of energy for which enough insulin is required. The demand for more insulin has an adverse effect on the patient's body which is already insulin deficient. The increased levels of thyroid hormone in the body lead to increased production of glucose which can drastically affect our liver and intestines. The problem can also lead to insulin resistance. Both hyperthyroidism and diabetes can have a very drastic impact on the patient's heart as well. Diabetes increases the vulnerability of a person to develop various heart diseases and can even lead to heart failure. Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, leads to an increased heart rate due to the excessive demand for energy which can lead to arrhythmia and angina as well as increase the chances of heart failure.

The combination of diabetes and hyperthyroidism together can quite fatal for our bones as well. Hyperthyroidism greatly affects our bone strength and lead to problems like osteoporosis which increases the chances of fractures. Patients suffering from diabetes usually experience poor foot sensation due to which they experience an increased risk of falling down. When a person is suffering from both the problems it naturally increases the risks of developing fractures.

Hence if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism as well as diabetes it is very important to manage both the problems with great care such that one does not create complications related to the other.

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