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How Speech Disorders Affect The Quality Of Your Life

Children usually take time to learn a language. As they grow they learn and pronounce words more clearly. But the case is not always the same, many children have trouble with some sounds, words, and sentences while they are learning. However, most children can use language easily by the time they reach around 5 years of age but in some special cases, medical help may be required. Many young parents ignore these conditions and take them very lightly, but that needs to be taken care of. In such situations, they should immediately get their child treated in the best paediatric treatment hospital in Jaipur.

Types of speech-language disorders

  • Apraxia of Speech (AOS)

Apraxia of speech (AOS) occurs when the neural pathway between the brain and a person’s speech function (speech muscles) is lost or obscured. Though the person knows what he wants to say, he can evenwrite in words as what is going on in his mind.

Sometimes the speech muscles themselves work just fine and the problem arises due to the brain sending an incorrect message to the speech muscles.

In mild cases, it might be a little difficult to diagnose the disorder, especially in children where multiple unknown speech disorders may be present. The reason behind the same is that mild forms of its symptoms are shared by a range of different speech disorders, and include mispronunciation of words and irregularities in tone, rhythm, or emphasis (prosody).

  • Stuttering – Stammering

Commonly known as stammering, stuttering includes non-verbal involuntary or semi-voluntary actions like blinking or abdominal tensing (tics). It only becomes a problem when it impacts our daily lives. You might also have observed that it triggers more in specific situations like when you are emotional. The cause of stuttering is unknown and more of a mystery at the same time, the treatment is mostly behavioural therapies.

  • Dysarthria

Dysarthria is the disorder which indicates nerve or muscle damage. It causes slurred speech, slowed speech, limited tongue, jaw, or lip movement, abnormal rhythm and pitch when speaking, changes in voice quality, difficulty articulating and laboured speech. This disorder can be developed from a wide range of phenomena that affect people of all ages. It can start from the womb or shortly after birth as a result of conditions like muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. In adults, some of the most common causes of dysarthria are a stroke, tumours, and MS. Its treatment is more of a management process where the existing symptoms can be reduced. Your child can undergo behaviour changes by slowing down the pace of speaking. The other options can be breath training, and exercising the muscles that are involved in speech.

  • Spasmodic Dysphonia

Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) can be defined as a chronic long-term disorder that adversely affects the voice. It causes spasming of the vocal cords when a person attempts to speak and results in a voice that can be described as shaky, hoarse, groaning, tight, or jittery.

These kinds of disorders usually occur in the adult when they are in the age group of 30 to 50 years and can also be caused by the things mostly related to ageing, such as nervous system changes and muscle tone disorders.

  • Muteness – Selective Mutism

This is when the person does not speak in some or most situations. The person here is capable of speaking but is unable to speak. Usually occurring in children and more specifically occurs in shy children or who have an anxiety disorder. More of a related to psychological factors, it is dealt with counselling or another type of psychological intervention. Most importantly, diagnosing the same requires a team of professionals including SLPs, paediatricians, psychologists, and psychiatrists. All these can be found in under one roof i.e. in the best hospitals in Rajasthan.

However, there are other types of speech disorder as well and that too requires medical attention. So, if your child is experiencing any of the above speech disorder then don’t take it lightly and immediately consult top speech therapists in Jaipur for better results.

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