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How To Avoid Heart Issues At A Young Age

Heart problems are often blamed when it comes to sudden death in young people. Heart abnormalities or heart defects do not usually go unnoticed and therefore sudden death in people below the age of thirty-five because of the undiscovered or overlooked heart problems is pretty rare. And such sudden deaths more often than not occur during physical activity. It is also seen that these unexpected deaths are more common in males than in females. One can get various kinds of heart treatments at Jaipur as there is the best heart surgery hospital in Jaipur. doctors here provide the best services at an economical price.

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It is not at all common for young people to die because of heart problems like cardiac arrest as these are more recurrent min older people especially in those that have coronary artery disease.


Causes of sudden cardiac death in young people:

It is seen that heart abnormality is the most common cause of unexpected cardiac death in young people. When the heart starts beating at an abnormal rhythm which is also known as ventricular fibrillation, it can cause sudden cardiac death. There is an array of reasons that can cause the heart to beat out of control and eventually cause death.

Some definite causes for death in young people because of cardiac issues include the following:

    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is commonly known as HCM is an inherited condition where the walls of the heart muscle thicken disturb the heart's electrical system, which leads to fast or irregular heartbeats also known as arrhythmias. Arrhythmias can lead to sudden deaths. Although HCM is not considered to be fatal, it is one of the most common cause for deaths that are sudden in young people that are below the age of thirty and the most general cause of sudden cardiac deaths in athletes. It is so because it often goes undetected.

    Coronary artery abnormalities are when people are born with heart arteries which are also called coronary arteries that are connected abnormally and with time, these can turn compressed during exercise and not provide proper blood flow to the heart which might also lead to death.

    Long QT syndrome is an inherited heart rhythm disorder which causes fast, chaotic heartbeats that more often than not lead to faintness. Young people that have long QT syndrome are at an increased risk of dying unexpectedly.

    Structural abnormalities of the heart, like undetected congenital heart disease and heart muscle abnormalities, and can also cause sudden unexpected death in young people.

    Viruses and other illnesses can cause inflammation of the heart muscle and the can also be the reason for sudden cardiac death in young people.

    Brugada syndrome which is an abnormality of the heart’s electrical system can also be the cause of sudden death among young people.

    A rare cause of sudden cardiac death caused because of the result of a blunt blow to the chest is called commotion cordis and it can set off ventricular fibrillation if the blow strikes at the wrong time in the heart’s electrical cycle.

Red flags that the person might be at risk of having a sudden cardiac death:

    Syncope which is commonly called fainting

    Sudden cardiac death in family history

    Shortness of breath

    Chest pain

If one is at the risk of having a cardiac death, then the best doctors in Jaipur advise the patient to avoid physical activities that might lead to strain on the heart. And if the person has an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) which is a pacemaker that keeps track of heartbeats and also gives an electrical shock in case of arrhythmia, then the doctor may advise avoiding impact sports.

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