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Immediate Attention for Trauma of Heart - Eternal Hospital

As a grown adult, we live our life according to a set of daily chores. We wake up in the morning and prepare ourselves in a way that all those daily chores are completed in a proper way and this cycle is completed every day. But this cycle can be disturbed in case of any mishap or accident. Most of the times, it happens when any serious condition hits us and we are not our natural self. This will lead to trauma and your body will be in shock. To deal with this problem, Eternal Hospital has come up with Emergency and trauma services.

Eternal Hospital is known for their casualty and emergency services. An emergency can occur at any place and any point of time. We understand this and provide our services to tackle the problem. Emergency number is available of our hospital with the help of which you can summon an ambulance service from your home. It will reach your home within 30 minutes and the treatment will start from that place only. Round the clock service is available which means that in case of emergency, 24/7 doctors are available in Jaipur.

If we talk about our heart, then cardiac trauma will be a better term to discuss it. It can be caused due to emotional trauma such as death of any family member and can cause increased risk of heart attack. Acute grief, pain or anger can cause stunned heart and result in abnormal heart rhythm. Then there is blunt cardiac injury in which there is contusion of myocardial muscle, rupture of a cardiac chamber or disruption of a heart valve.

There is a term which is associated with heart attack and it is known as golden hour. If a victim of heart attack has to be saved then the treatment has to be commenced within the first sixty minutes. This hour is therefore known as golden hour. If there will be delay, then hearts muscle will die. This will lead to further damage to the heart and there will be more chances of death. The time lag between the development of chest pain and injection of a clot buster should be less than an hour. If all of this is done in time, then the ischemic muscle will completely revive and heart will be saved.

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